Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: update 1.2.1g


A new patch 1.2.1g is out now! It contains new content and fixes for the Inevitable Excess DLC and changes for the main campaign as well.


  • Epilogues of the Inevitable Excess DLC have been improved. Lich, Demon and Azata got additional content;
  • You should be able to retrain your companions in the DLC now;
  • In the crusade mode it will be easier to increase the Leadership stat;
  • We’ve fixed the issue with loading some older saves. It was reported by macOS players, but could happen in the Windows version too;
  • It should be possible to pass through the doors in turn-based mode now.

Beware of possible plot spoilers!


  • Captain Seilkind sometimes could disappear from Mineshaft Fourteen - fixed;
  • During the 4th visit of Socothbenoth, it was possible to pick some answers twice - fixed;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC the epilogue has been enhanced and improved;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC, a new content has been added for the Lich mythic path. Also mythic Lich can get a special reward in the main campaign, after importing a final save from the DLC into the 5th chapter;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC, a note has been added to the journal that Valmallos will contact you himself when the time is right;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC, Azata and Demon mythic paths got special new dialogue options;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC, Devarra incorrectly reacted to the decisions made by the commander regarding her progeny - fixed;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC, when using a special Trickster option in Deal with Shamira quest, it was impossible to complete the quest and move between the areas - fixed;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC, Zacharius reacted to a mythic Lich character incorrectly - fixed;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC, Lariel incorrectly reacted to mythic Angel - fixed;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC there are more places to look for the ingredients for Thaberdine’s elixir now;
  • Morevet didn’t return to the brothel after her quest was successfully completed - fixed;
  • Seelah stopped rolling fortitude checks for everyone during the drinking contest;
  • We added a warning regarding a point of no return in the Inevitable Excess DLC, when entering Valmallos’ Threshold.


  • At Wedding Meadow a skeleton could appear as an interactive object even when it wasn’t possible to interact with it (if you have already found the bone for the dog) - fixed;
  • At Wedding Meadow, some objects could become transparent near player’s characters - fixed;
  • During the council board meetings in Drezen, Daeran now will be indoors;
  • Fixed an issue in the Extirpators’ Camp, where it was possible to glance beyond the edge of the map;
  • Fixed the lighting in Mage’s Tower;
  • Fixed the lighting on the prison building in Drezen;
  • Hepzamirah and Shamira didn’t return to Fleshmarket on time - fixed;
  • In Ineluctable Prison some teleportation abilities could still work - fixed;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC, a female shaman in Iz had a wrong name - fixed;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC, a puzzle has been removed from the entrance to the final dungeon;
  • In the 5th chapter, after returning to Midnight Fane, when transferring into the caves, the party could get stuck outside of the area, which blocked the progress - fixed. If you encountered this issue already, you will need to either load an earlier save, or use a rope, which will teleport the party back together;
  • Optimization of the Enigma area has been improved;
  • Seelah’s animal companion was in the wrong place in the Crusader’s Camp - fixed;
  • Some companions could speak from the darkness in Drezen - fixed.


  • Agony had incorrect description - fixed;
  • Bestow Curse didn’t work correctly - fixed;
  • Damage of Ghlaunder Knights has been significantly increased;
  • Damage of Grave Knights has been moderately increased;
  • Damage of Infernal Infantry has been moderately increased;
  • Demonic Lullaby had zero spell slots - fixed;
  • Demon’s choice in Nightmares event didn’t work even if the player had the Demon mythic path - fixed;
  • Dominate has been renamed to Charm. New Dominate is a unique Asmodean Clerics’ ability similar to Charm with an extra DC;
  • Drake Poison event now gives Poison ranks correctly;
  • Enervation (global spell) now works according to its description;
  • Freezing didn’t work correctly - fixed;
  • Military Tribunal project was available to everyone, instead of those who fulfilled the necessary requirements - fixed;
  • Reduced the amount of experience required to get the Leadership rank up;
  • Some enemies had incorrect portraits in tactical combat initiative row - fixed;
  • Summon Steeds (Mastodons) now summons 4 Mastodons instead of 1;
  • Vescavor Swarm now has a spell power stat;
  • Visual effect of Sleep will be depicted correctly now.

Classes & Mechanics

  • Aeon Gaze will no longer work on enemies with echolocation, thoughtsense and blindsight, because it is gaze;
  • After fighting Areshkagal, the effects from the arena traps could remain on the player’s characters - fixed;
  • Ambush status effect didn’t help against Frightful Presence - fixed;
  • Assassin’s Poison Use had incorrect DC values - fixed;
  • Burning Hands (Acid), Burning Hands (Cold), Burning Hands (Electricity), Scorching Ray (Acid), Scorching Ray (Cold) and Scorching Ray (Electricity) worked incorrectly with metamagic feats - fixed;
  • Enforcing Gaze — Save DC had an incorrect effect on the enemies - fixed;
  • Enlightened Philosopher’s mysteries didn’t add the class skills - fixed;
  • Erastil’s Blessing didn’t have a description - fixed;
  • Freedom of Movement and Crusader’s Edge worked incorrectly with extended metamagic - fixed;
  • Greater Warpwave in Inevitable Excess worked incorrectly - fixed;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC enemies have been weakened for Story and Casual difficulties;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC, the reward effects could be lost upon death - fixed;
  • It was impossible to retrain the Skeletal Fighter companion - fixed;
  • Ki Power: Wholeness of Body healed an incorrect number of HP - fixed;
  • Lord Beyond the Grave used to give bonuses to Lich - fixed;
  • Paralyzed condition was permanent even if the option to remove negative effects after combat was turned on - fixed;
  • Trickster’s Breath of Money ability didn’t work correctly - fixed;
  • Trickster’s Stat Focus wasn’t visible during feat selection after you got Perception 2 rank - fixed;
  • When starting Inevitable Excess DLC, Daeran had all aasimar heritages at once - fixed;
  • Witch Doctor shaman didn’t have descriptions for the Counter Curse spells - fixed.

Turn-based mode

  • Fixed another case of units not being able to pass through the doors in turn-based mode.


  • Call of the Fiery Things didn’t have a description - fixed.


  • Companions, which remained in another area, stopped being visible when pressing Tab;
  • Deep Shadow of Frost attacked allies - fixed;
  • Fixed a number of performance issues caused by a memory leak;
  • Fixed an animation for a particularly bushy dwarven beard;
  • Fixed an error, which prevented you from asking Lann about his enmity towards Andoran;
  • Fixed the conditions for one of the epilogue pages dedicated to kenabres;
  • Fixed the loading of some older saves:
  • Fixed the size and the position of Warhammer of Obstinacy in character’s hand;
  • Improved the visual of the Ice Storm spell;
  • Improved the visual of the Stone Call spell;
  • In some cases it was impossible to retrain the companions when playing the Inevitable Excess DLC - fixed;
  • Missing companions should return under player’s control.