Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous update 1.1.4f

We’ve released a hot-fix for the issue with the XP bar and level up in your character interface. Now you will be able to see your progress to the next level, and level-up again when you reach the right number of the XP. This issue will not ruin your save, you can continue playing. We also fixed the issue with Hilor’s quest in chapter 5, Chasing the Spinner of Nightmares - now it will start (unless you have auto-crusade mode on - in this case it still won’t work for now, but we will fix it in one of the future patches).

Dear Owlcat! The Bad Luck Tavern map bug remained the same even after this patch. Please, look into the matter, based on my previous bug report, more details here:

Thank you for your help.