Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous update 1.1.4d


A new patch 1.1.4d is here! We fixed an issue with Arueshalae’s romance ending, and hopefully a lot of Commanders will be much happier now; we’ve made some fixes to the way touch attack works in the turn-based mode, and also made it so that the negative effects will be displayed first on your characters’ portraits.

But beware of possible plot spoilers!


  • A dialogue with the vescavor queen in chapter 5 could be initiated multiple times - fixed;
  • Azata’s mentor won’t be present after switching to the path of Legend anymore;
  • In Camellia’s final quest, if either she of the player had an animal companion, the animal didn’t appear in the garden - fixed;
  • In the fifth chapter, if the entire group was invisible, Hal refused to start a conversation - fixed;
  • Seeking Forgiveness quest didn’t fail upon finishing the 3rd chapter - fixed;
  • Some players, who didn’t complete the Dusk of Dragons quest, were unable to open the door in Dragon Burial Ground - fixed, but if you’ve encountered this issue already, you will need to load an earlier save, where you haven’t approached the door yet;
  • Storyteller could say that Hulrun died in Iz even if he died long before that;
  • Suture could remain at the Fleshmarkets even after getting shipped to Colyphyr mines - fixed;
  • One of the romance outcomes with Arueshalae was unavailable - fixed (you may need to invite her to your bedroom once more).


  • Fixed a bug in Dragon Burial Ground, which didn’t allow to roll a skill check to squeeze through the crack in the rock;
  • Fixed the bug with the name of the area and the terrain type not being displayed on the mini map for the Blooming Meadow location;
  • Fixed the disappearance of the map exit in the Lost Chapel area upon loading a save during Sosiel’s quest;
  • In Areelu’s Laboratory companions, separated from the main group, would not react to the characters under the invisibility spell - fixed.


  • Bear’s Endurance, Song of the Second Breath, Ash Leprosy, Tumor now work according to their new description;
  • Bestow Wrath damage has been greatly increased;
  • Church Guards now have Aura of Onslaught with four uses;
  • Cultists now take half damage from Channel Negative Energy — Damage Living cast by them;
  • Cultists’ spell power has been moderately decreased;
  • Fixed the Tactical Superiority feat;
  • Flaming Rain didn’t work correctly - fixed;
  • Mariliths now have Unholy Aura;
  • Mighty Tempest damage has been greatly increased;
  • New feature has been added to Necromancers that allows them to cast Channel Negative - Damage Living without damaging themselves;
  • Overwhelming Shout now has two uses limit;
  • Retaliation of the Chain damage has been significantly increased and now depends on general’s Power;
  • Retaliation of the Chain now shows correctly as a global buff and a feature;
  • Royal Council’s Help gave 100 Conscripts instead of 1000 - fixed (peasants are not happy though);
  • Sometimes Necromancers healed themselves with Channel Negative Energy — Heal Undead - fixed;
  • Song of Seasons didn’t resurrect units after healing - fixed;
  • Storm of Justice damage has been greatly increased;
  • Summoned large units could overlap with other units - fixed;
  • Test of Strength didn’t work correctly - fixed.
  • The animation of Painajai’s Chain Spear didn’t play - fixed;
  • The Harpoon ability now correctly pulls units with large creatures;
  • The logics of Formation abilities has been changed - now it is a permanent buff which can be changed during combat like a Fighter’s stance;
  • To Each Their Place didn’t calculate crit chance correctly - fixed;
  • Units’ feature display has been improved;
  • Visual effect of Flaming Rain is shown correctly now;
  • Visual effect of Inspired Advance is shown correctly now;
  • Visual effects of Place of Power, Acid Trap, Spring Trap and Weakening Trap have been changed.

Classes & Mechanics

  • Under Deny Death buff character remains permanently paralyzed after combat ends - fixed;
  • A saving throw To get out of Icy Prison was rolled against Caster Level, while it should have been 15+Caster Level - fixed;
  • Characters could be affected by Acid Fog while under the effects of Life Bubble - fixed;
  • Devastator now won’t rise from the dead after it’s killed;
  • Fixed Improved Critical (Mythic) for rays;
  • Heightened metamagic didn’t work correctly - fixed;
  • Keen kitsune’s Intelligence bonus will now correctly affect the Skill Points;
  • Life-Bonding Friendship used Charisma instead of Charisma modifier - fixed;
  • Mystic Theurge couldn’t choose spellbook of Skald - fixed;
  • Mystic Theurge couldn’t merge spellbook with Warpriest - fixed;
  • Pranked Oracle could miss Glitterdust and Mirror Image spells - fixed (ready to party now!);
  • Sometimes if the player refused to sign a contract to become a devil, Devil’s mythic level-up option was available anyway - fixed;
  • Zippy Magic was using extra slots from the rods - fixed.

Turn-based mode

  • If the player lost control of their mount while it was carrying its rider to execute a command (e.g. from Confusion), turn-based mode could get stuck - fixed;
  • Sometimes turn-based mode UI would not reappear after a cutscene interruption - fixed;
  • The battle could get stuck, when a character was killed by a status effect, and passed the turn to its caster (mostly happened with poisons) - fixed;
  • The mount could attack automatically, when you only hover the mouse over the potential target - fixed;
  • Touch spell could get stuck if you moved cursor quickly over another character’s portrait after casting it - fixed.


  • Clemency of Shadows didn’t always summon spiders - fixed;
  • Elemental Imbuement didn’t work as intended - fixed;
  • Items that give a DC bonus now also work with hexes (such as Glass Amulet of Clarity and Slumber);
  • Skinned Leather Cloak no longer affects dead enemies.


  • For Swarm-that-Walks, the swarm counter was conflicting with the kinetic burn counter - fixed;
  • Kestoglyr was missing a description after joining the player and before being taken into the active party - fixed;
  • Now the negative status effects will be displayed on the portraits first;
  • The loot window, which appears before exiting a location, only applied filters to the first group of loot - fixed.


  • A mount and a rider’s charge attack commands didn’t “know” about each other, and interacted weirdly - fixed;
  • Fixed the position of the Clawfall in combat;
  • Fixed visual issues during the cut-scene with Baphomet and the Hand of the Inheritor;
  • Some parts of a character could turn white when switching headgear or equipped items several times rapidly - fixed;
  • Mod window didn’t open in the Main Menu - fixed;
  • Sosiel will draw in inappropriate places less often now.