Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous update 1.1.0i

In 1.1 a mounted character can get a Full Attack action, even if their mount has used a move action beforehand. Is this intended? Because it’s kinda unbalanced.

I think it’s intended. They are separate creatures, even when one rides the other one. You don’t need to move when your mount does it on its turn.

But that just makes every single melee character who can’t get a mount through their build incredibly sub-par next to a mounted character’s constant full-round attacks as if they were ranged with a range of the mount’s movement speed… which is already high. How do you compete with that? Might as well just not play non-mount classes. We’re talking up to 5-6 extra attacks per round, for at least one round, at high level.

What was changed in 1.1.1k?