Party sneak attack

What if you give all melee characters some levels of rogue just for some sneak attack? They would get nice damege boost if they are flanking.

You’ll find that sneak attack is quite strong early game—in large part because a single sneak attack die allows accomplished sneak attacker as an early feat, an extra 7 damage per hit on average— but scales less well than attack damage because it does not benefit from crit or extra attributes. Moreover, a 1 lvl rogue dip costs 1 BAB, which is roughly a 5% decrease in your chance to hit and you’ll lose 1 lvl of progression in another class—which might be a big deal or not, depending on the class. It’s not a terrible idea, but it does come with trade offs.

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and dont forget u also may miss some class abilities and trade them for rogues.
thats not a big problem for dex based melees, cause they have to take weapon finesse (or already have martial prof if we talk about rowdy archetype), but for example a STR barbaraian dont get anything from rogues besides sneak and miss awesome rage power
Also later on some enemies are immune to sneak cause of barbarian levels and 1d6 or 2d6 more dmg isnt much plus if u cant hit them. U will need at least need some spells/buffs or abilities to higher accuracy, but rogue dips limits them.

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…and most enemies (in later chapters) will have damage reduction, which will reduce 1d6 or 2d6 mostly to 0.


If you like this effect you can get the Precise Strike teamwork feat (or play a class like Cavalier with the Tactician ability and share it with your team) so you don’t miss levels in your main class.

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you may or may not be right, but you are misrepresenting the numbers a little, It’s not 1 or 2 1d6, it’s 1 or 2 per attack, and, depending on your character, that can be over 10 attacks per round, which puts you off by a factor of 10.

immunities apply to every attack, so if u dont have a special abiltiy it doesnt matter how many attacks u make with 2d6 extra damage, if they are immune all attacks dont get extra dmg, also the main point is what youre giving up for this extra damage

If u compare for example rage powers like lethal stance for more attackbonus, which scales with barbarian level, with 2d6 sneak attack, then yes u may be able to do 20d6 extra dmg with 10 attacks, but only if u hit, but thats unlikely with worse base attack progression of rogue and missing abilities to hit, besides the last couple of attacks are made with -5/-10 … so they are always more unlikely to hit anyway

One build I use to great effect so far is A wizard that takes 1 lvl of Alchemist/vivisectionist at 7th lvl then switching to lore-master. The 1 lvl of vivisectionist gives you good skill points to finish of the prereqs and brew potions as one of the prereqs also. Then take accomplished sneak attack for a quick 2d6 boost to range touch spells. Makes a killer combo with 0’ lvl spells and greater invisibility. However latter on as mentioned by others it looses it’s advantage as you run into critters that are immune to precision dam and or see invisible.

yes, but you made two statements. Some enemies are immune to sneak attacks, and that is true, but you also said that “1d6 or 2d6 more dmg isnt much” that is the misrepresentation that I was referring.

I dont think its a Misrepresentation, because in this context i also wrote “1d6 or 2d6 isnt much plus IF U CANT HIT them”, which i refered to again in my second statement. While u certainly refer to multi attack builds, who can make use of 2d6 extra dmg, in comparison to attack bonus, extra magic dmg through weapon properties and so on, i still think 2d6 sneak dmg isnt much and also not reliable to justifiy missing class levels

  1. again, two different statements 2. it’s not 1 d6 or 2 d6, it’s 10d6 or 12d6 3. What percentage of enemies in the game are immune to sneak attacks?