Owlcat is a terrible company

Owlcat is a terrible company, and they never should’ve been given reign over Pathfinder. Their console game has been broken since day one and and consistently ignored. Not only did they release a game when it was still a mess, riddled with bugs, glitches, and hardlocks to progress, they then began working on an entirely NEW GAME that took Devs and Bug Fixers away from their first game, leaving it to rot. But that’s STILL not all, they’ve also continued to charge full price for their original game, all the way completely ignoring people on the Console section in the forums.

Owlcat ignores the problems they have with their game, but worse of all they ignore their consumers. Their a company that was never prepared to release a game, let alone work on and release another while their first was still broken.

While you are not wrong remember distributing and actually paying the devs for patches is the job of the distributor. So you have a point that console Kingmaker is a sloppy mess but better redirect your (legit) fury to whoever actually sold the game.

Those people btw are ALSO resonsible for lowering the price if sales go down.

A developer can (and in some cases have) do patches on their own sure. But that always goes out of the devs budget and not the ones that actually took your money.

I kind of disagree for some of the points you give.

What I have seen this game (developers) and Baldur’s Gate (back in the time when it was released) are ONLY ONES who have direct contacted me, help me and given me feedback.

That thing alone bring Owlcat Games for top 2 (with Black Isle Studios / Bioware) for my eyes.True, during 1998 or so they send a letter with map what were missing in the european release of the DLC. Back in the days they did not use much of e-mail. Now days they use e-mails but principle stands. NO OTHER GAME COMPANY have this far contacted me directly.

Second thing what I would bring up is how much lore and deep love they have given for both of these games. I mean how many game companies any of you know where developers HAVE TO come, gather around table, pick up P&P RPG game and play it weekly. Not just once but multiple times playing that same HUGE adveture path to get as much feel for the game they are making?

Do game have bugs? Yes
Do Owlcat Games try they best to fix them and help community (specially in discord) as much as they can, even in they own free time? Yes

Sad thing is bigger the project is, more code it have more there will be bugs.

They could easily have created a Kingmaker a serie of games, each around 40 hour long. 3 game serie or so. But they did not.

Also you were able to get Kingmaker even FREE from EPIC. True, it take quite a long time so most of people who were wanting to get the game already had to bought it. But thinking of new players WOW. What a bargain!

So for my eyes they are doing something right. Unlike so many company who just release game after game, ignore for most problems (if game just sell they are happy) these people even STILL keep on doing switch live play for Kingmaker, do bug fixes and updates. Yes it is sad that most games what are released have bugs, but they are trying to fix them instead of ignoring problem.

Well, until Kingmaker on console is actually playable past the Stag Lord it’s hard to argue with the OP.

I don’t care if distributors are in charge of refunds, Owlcat is in charge of making sure the game actually WORKS.

I cannot in good conscience recommend anyone buy anything from Owlcat until they actually fix the products that are already released but are broken pieces of garbage. Kingmaker on console being the prime example. It is literally unplayable.

I did not claim they are in charge of refunds. They are yes that is true, but I said they are in charge of providing the money to let the devs do their work if a product is faulty. Because in the end its their brand/name thats on the table.

A dev-studio is easy to dismantle and found a new one. Even with thhe very same persons! But a publisher needs a name to let the customer decide if its a good or bad name → would buy from them again.

It is totally fine to say" “sloppy mess would not recommend”. I jsut say post it on the publishers board as well!