No saving throws... just dead

I’ve had 3 characters die today from spells that should allow a saving throw to take half damage, but never receiving one.

Destruction - twice.

Not sure what’s happening. Combat log doesn’t mention a save at all, just full damage and dead character.

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And the description says Harm does a maximum of 150 damage (level 15 caster), at least according to the Fextralife WotR wiki, the Kingmaker wikis and the PF tabletop rules.

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Pls hover over the damage, so we get more details about how the game combines damage sources


The damage was fine. Harm did 150 + 76 divine damage for the 226.

My primary concern was not seeing the Saving Throw. It’s entirely possible that it was failed, etc… but I see no mention of a save at all.


ah ok, well wasnt sure if u looked into the damage calc, cause maybe it stated half damage

sometimes i have the same issue with few spells, but cant recall if i ever saw it with harm.

it shoud work

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Not sure this is necessarily a bug in the saves rather than combat log error. I had an enemy die to phantasmal killer today, and noticed no will or fort save recorded in combat log. Whether an actual lack of save being rolled, or just a combat log error, I think this may be the new patch. Hadnt noticed it earlier.

Only real way to test is get someone with a high save and see if they repeatedly take full damage with no save. If yes, its likely a lack of save. Otherwise, its a combat log issue. I would guess Woljif failing his save there was quite likely.


I’m having the same issue with Finger of Death and the Spectre in Wintersun

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Is that a Spell-like Ability being used there ? These can have different laws, depending on the user.

This particular one could disallow a Save roll. The name of the creature using it looks like its a unique enemy, so it would fit.

There would be a limited count of uses on Spell-like Abilities.

The amount of damage almost matches the Mythic version of Harm, perhaps that Mythic version disallows Saves of non-Mythic foes too ?

Another problem is that Woljif dies from the Ability used. Harm cannot kill and leaves targets with 1HP. Whatever spell or Spell-like Ability is being used here is definitely not the Joe Average Harm spell, for sure.

It’s calculating a saving throw, you just can’t see it. I’ve experienced the same with harm and phantasmal killer and seen them fire off with no save displayed and half lessened effect due to saves succeeding. Just a display thing.

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