Mythic path rank10?

My mythic path is actually rank 9. I am near the end of the map “Treshold” and i’ve never been able to ascend into something (trickster, angel…) before.
I can’t find any info on the net about where you level your mythic path.

Did i miss something?

Mythic rank 10 is aquired at the very end of Threshold, just before the final boss battle.
The transformation into Angel, Demon, Lich, Aeon, Azata, ect. should have happened at 8th rank. Barring failures to transform (refusing Lich transformation, becoming an Renegade Aeon, ect).

ty a lot for your answer.

Mythic Rank 10 is almost useless since u have around 10 minutes of game after u get it.
Still it’s a requirement for the secret (ascension) ending.