My Unfair party build

Hello everyone,

I want to share my Unfair party build and composition in case anyone is looking for options or opinions. These builds are based on a mix of guides from different sources, and I’ve tried to keep character class choices “lore-friendly” as this was important to me.

The party’s general alignment is Neutral Good, rejecting dogma and the moral ambiguities of the law. Everyone in the party has a Neutral component.

Mods are not strictly required, and you can use the base game and companions. However, if you want to optimise and don’t mind using mods, you can use Toy Box and Fully Respec Companions to reset initial levels for Ember, Arue and Nenio, although even without that, the party synergies remain very strong.

I completed the game all the way on Unfair and never had any big difficulty on any encounter. On the contrary, in the 2nd half of the game, the damage output per round is insane and your main tank will hardly ever be hit.

The hardest fight during my playthrough was the optional encounter Playful Darkness, mostly because it was difficult to hit and Greater Dispel Magic was important to reduce its defenses.

Party Composition

Party Slot 1 - Main Character: Main Tank build: Oracle 1 / Scaled Fist 2 / Paladin 2 / Vivisectionist 2 / Sword Saint 6 / Instinctual Warrior 4 / Arcane Enforcer 1 / Hellknight 1 / Stigmatized Witch 1.

Based on

I chose Angel mythic path, which includes the powerful Halo party buff and Sword of Heaven. Fully upgraded, the Halo provides the party with a permanent Holy Aura, extra damage per round to Outsiders/Undead (“Burning Bright”), and an enemy debuff on spell resistance (“Piercing Rays”). Likewise, Sword of Heaven provides targeted party members (“Bestow the Divine”) with a 10-min 2d6 damage die per main hand hit (“Everlasting Flame”) and +2AB/+2d6 against demons (“Demon Bane”) and -4AC to enemies (“Guide the Faithful”). Heavenly Host is currently bugged and is not recommended (party-wide SoH buff).

Equipping Areelu’s cloak “The Bound of Possibility” as Angel is currently bugged as it bestows the Aeon bonus instead of the intended Angel bonus. However, this is actually pretty good as the Aeon effect provides a party-wide +4 insight AB bonus and a permanent haste effect.

The main strength of this build is the very high AC + ability to hit bosses with Smite Evil & Smite Chaos. Therefore, any Mythic path will do. The high CHA also enables the MC to be your default high Persuasion character, able to pass diplomacy, intimidate and bluff checks.

Party Slot 2 - Ember: Skald 20 (or Witch 3 / Skald 17 without mods). The crucial rage powers are Lesser/Normal/Greater Beast Totem, Lethal Stance, Deadly Accuracy, Lethal Accuracy. Guarded Stance + Rolling Dodge are nice-to-have for some encounters and can be selected as “Extra Rage Powers” instead of feats. But I almost never used them. On Unfair, it is impossible to out heal or out last damage. It is much more effective to boost offenses and “kill before getting killed”.

Take full DEX, 1-handed Estoc or Rapier, Weapon Focus and Improved Critical to achieve a base 15-20 x2. This will be boosted to x4 with Mythic Improved Critical and Lethal Accuracy rage power. A light shield or buckler with Magical Vestments (Shield) on top will greatly boost personal AC.

Lore friendliness is maintained as Skald is a CHA-based caster, the same as the base Witch. Skald 16 is the most critical to access the last tier of Inspired Rage.

Party Slot 3 - Arueshalae: Demonslayer 16 / Sanctified Slayer 4 (or Espionage Expert 16 / Sanctified Slayer 4 without mods). Focus on Kukris to achieve a a base 15-20 x2. This will be boosted to x4 with Mythic Improved Critical and Lethal Accuracy rage power.

You don’t need a pet – the default Ranger’s Bond on Arue is the better option. Why? Because you can boost your party’s attack bonus, and because the spell “Instant Enemy” works in a funny way. Imagine you are fighting a magical beast, not a demon. If Arue casts Instant Enemy on it, and afterwards casts Ranger’s Bond, the whole party will gain the AB bonus on the magical beast, even though it’s not the default favoured enemy!

Largely based on the Neoseeker guide (Arue build) but exchange ranged feats with melee ones.

Lore-friendliness is maintained as Arue is a pet-less Ranger to begin with. She can be kept as Espionage Expert, which makes better use of her high CHA.

Party Slot 4 - Lann: Zen Archer 3 / Sacred Huntsmaster 17 + Dog pet. No respecs needed. You don’t need Rapid Shot with a Zen Archer. Deadly Aim is not recommended as it hurts AB too much. Choose longbows, and you get a free Weapon Focus and Point-Blank Master Longbow with Zen Archer.

Take take the whole line of Snap Shot feats as this synergies very well with the crit / attacks of opportunity / Outflank / Seize the Moment set-up.

Largely based on Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Lann Builds Guide - SegmentNext

Lore-friendliness is maintained as Lann starts as as Zen Archer, which is the base for this build, and the divine-based sacred Huntsmaster fits his character perfectly.

Party Slot 5 - Daeran: Stigmatized Witch 2 / Oracle 18 (or Oracle 20 if Ember is kept as a Witch)

Largely based on this build but need to change 2 levels of Witch.

Largely based on the Neoseeker guide (Daeren build) but adapt it to 2 levels of Witch.

Lore-friendliness is maintained as Daeran is an Oracle already. Stigmatized Witch is also a CHA-based caster. Respeccing Daeran as a Cleric to gain Community domain would break lore as he is an Atheist

Party Slot 6 - Nenio: Brown Fur Transmuter 15 / Loremaster 5. (or Scroll Savant 3 / Brown Fur Transmuter 12 / Loremaster 5 without mods). This is largely based on the Brown-Fur build listed hereunder, with some adjustments.

Lore-friendliness is maintained as Nenio is actually, brown furred, and a very curious individual. Loremaster further substantiates his zeal for secret knowledge.

Largely based on the Neoseeker guide (Mercenaries, Brown-Fur transmuter build).
Main Party Features and Synergies

The main features and synergies of the party as follows:
• The party composition follows the “SAD” principle: single-ability dependent class choices, which maximises efficiency.

Main tank (MC) = Charisma-based with a secondary focus on Strength. Charisma is the predominant source of AC but also boosts saving throws from Paladin’s Divine Grace and attack bonus from Smite Evil / Smite Chaos.

Lann: The 3rd level of Zen Archer replaces DEX with WIS as the source of AB and damage bonus for ranged attacks. When combined with Sacred Huntsmaster, you can simply continue boosting WIS to increase damage output as well as having more spells/day and increasing the AB derived from your best domain power – Guarded Hearth. Other stats don’t matter.

Arue & Ember: Spell slots are not important, particularly with Abundant Casting. You can maximise DEX.

Nenio: Intelligence only.

Daeran: Charisma only.

• Main tank build with end game AC of 100+ and Mythic spells. Requires 2 level of Witch from someone else to obtain Protective Luck + Cackle (can be buffed pre-fight or with Toybox 10 min toggle) to make you virtually unhittable. Your Attack Bonus will be low but Smite Evil & Smite Chaos with their respective Abundant mythic feats will make you a killing machine on important enemies and bosses. Use weapons like Scimitars to boost crit chance.

• The damage output is based on having high critical strike chance and multipliers across multiple characters, attacks of opportunity from Outflank and Seize the Moment and stacking damage dice from elemental barrage, sneak attacks, and mythic charge. Use Kukris, Estocs or Rapiers – all finessable with a 15-20 x4 when fully buffed.

• Ember: Skald rage powers are simply incredible, particularly at Level 20. They give +6 AC from Beast Totem to everyone, +3 AB and weapon damage to everyone from Inspired Rage, an extra +6 AB to melee (Lethal Stance), extra natural attacks per round to everyone (Lesser Beast Totem), Pounce attack on charges to everyone (Greater Beast Totem), boosted crit confirmations to everyone (from Deadly Accuracy) and an extra x1 crit multiplier to everyone (from Lethal Accuracy). At Level 20, Inspired Rage does not cause loss of spellcasting so it can be used on everyone. The Skald himself (Ember) can also have all the required combat feats to give her viable offensive and defensive capabilities. With a 15-20 x4 rapier, this is very effective.

• Arue: Use the +3 elemental kukri from Areelu’s Lab as your main hand, combined with a kukri offhand with an elemental buff, such as the +4 Abrupt’s End (Act 4) or +5 Astringent Pacifier (Act 5). Moreover, equip the seemingly weak dragon pet Jharsygax available in Act 4 (random 1d4 elemental damage on hit). Why?

  • With Elemental Barrage, at full Mythic level, almost each single hit (and you have 8 per round), will trigger an additional 10d6 of divine damage.
  • With your Brown-Fur Transmuter (Nenio), you can buff Arue’s main hand weapon with two Geniekind buffs. If Nenio also has Elemental Barrage, this means Arue’s MH kukri is generating an ADDITIONAL (they stack!) 10d6 divine damage per MH hit (5 per round).
  • The damage dice from the pet are insignificant but they will also trigger elemental barrage hits.
  • With the elemental weapons + pet + Geniekind you are looking at 30d6 (!) divine damage on many of your hits.
  • With Sword of Heaven, Arue’s main hand weapon will also deliver 4d6 of holy damage vs. outsiders.
  • With Haste, Improved Critical, Improved Critical (Mythic) and Deadly + Lethal Accuracy from Skald, you will have 8 attacks per round each with a 25% critical chance to do x4 damage.
  • With Sense Vitals, Sneak Attack from the 4th level of Sanctified Slayer, Accomplished Sneak Attacker and Mythic Sneak Attacker, each attack will have an additional 8d6 of sneak damage vs. flanked enemies.
  • With Mythic Charge + Greater Beast Totem from the Skald buff, you can also charge enemies and deal additional natural attacks + a 10d6 divine attack.

Summary: With ALL these combined & stacking damage dice, you will one-shot anything with just Arue. Most the damage potential is actually “wasted” unless you have multiple enemies in melee range. You can partially mitigate this by casting Legendary Proportions on Arue that gives her a weapon reach bonus.

• Lann: All powers - including ranged physical attacks, defensive and offensive spells – are derived from Wisdom. Nothing else matters. You get a boosted pet with teamwork feats, 1 free Domain, more domains available from the Impossible Domain mythic feat (Community is a must for Guarded Hearth), Favoured Enemy (obviously choose demons of magic/strength/slaughter), Divine Power (+6 luck bonus on AB/damage), Bane and Greater Bane. Choose all the ranged mythic feats. Against outsiders, you will do incredible ranged damage + pet + ability to cast Guarded Hearth with a +10 or more party-wide sacred bonus to attack power.

• Nenio: Brown-Fur Transmuter (Arcanist) is the other ace-in-the-hole of this party. As an Arcanist, you will have access to all standard magical spells and you can add spells to your spell book with scrolls. The only downside is that even at full level, you will be limited to a choice of 4-6 spells per spell level, although you can cast these many times per day like a Sorcerer. However, this is not really a downside as you will be focusing on Evocation spells boosted with Ascendant Element (Lightning and Fire) / Spell Penetration including Greater and Mythic / Expanded Arsenal / School Mastery. You will do insane damage with Stormbolts, Chain Lightning and Controlled Fireball when combined with maximised rods. The control spells Selective Scirocco and Mass Icy Prison are equally insane. As an Arcanist, you can use your Arcane Reservoir to boost caster level or saving throws of your spells, increasing the chances of your CC spells landing.

However, the real upside of a Brown-Fur Transmuter is the ability to transmute others, gained at Level 9:

  • Being able to cast Dragonkind III on Lann’s pet (preferably a Bully Dog). Combined with Sacred Huntsmaster’s teamwork feats + Animal Growth spell + Bull’s Strength + Mythical Beast mythic feat + Weapon Focus Bite/Claw + Improved Critical Bite/Claw, Lann’s pet becomes stronger than most of your party with multiple natural attacks per round with a very high AB, damage, and HP bonuses. He will one-shot most enemies. He also successfully tripped bosses and made them prone. Insane.
  • Being able to cast Frightful Aspect on your main tank, providing an AoE shaken and frightened aura.
  • Being able to cast Geniekind on party members, such as Arue, generating elemental barrage procs. If Nenio also has Ascendant Element, the elemental damage delivered through Arue’s kukris will also ignore resistances and immunities.
  • You can also use your Arcane Reservoir to boost your Bull’s Strength and similar enhancement buffs to +6 instead of +4. However, this largely becomes obsolete once you gain access to +6 buff items (mostly head and waist pieces). However, this can be useful if you want to equip alternative gear instead.
  • With Improved Critical (Ray) + Improved Improved Critical (Ray) + Weapon Focus (Ray) + Skald / Guarded Hearth bonus (remember, at Lvl20 you can use Inspire Rage on spellcasters), your ray spells like Hellfire Ray will ALSO have the ability to almost one-shot bosses. They will hit, hit hard, and crit even harder. During the final fight, Nenio brought Mr. Goat from 100% to 50% HP in one round.

• Daeran: 2 level of Stigmatized Witch are only there to be able to provide Protective Luck + Cackle on your main tank. The 18 remaining levels are dedicated to Oracle, for which I largely followed the below build. Combined with Stormlord Resolve bracers (converts all damage to electricity) + Ascendant Element Electricity & Negative + focus on Evocation & Necromancy, Daeran becomes a superb, combined healer + nuker. His Fire Storm and Horrid Wilting WILL hurt, and they provide some casting power to an already physical damage heavy party.

• As an option, you could remove Daeran, replace Sacred Huntsmaster levels with Cleric (Crusader) levels on Lann, and add another frontline melee character such as Seelah, with a big 2-hand reach weapon, an additional pet, and all those extra bells and whistles from a full Paladin such as Mark of Justice. Most likely, this would result in a net party damage increase at the cost of less healing and spellcasting abilities. However, I found that this somehow “breaks” party balance. On many encounters, having the healing and/or magical damage OOMPH is very useful and your party will be more balanced as a result.

Hope this helps anyone interested.


I’m not trying to crap on your party, but being able to completely redo the character classes (with mods since you can’t actually do it base game) is not exactly kosher advice.

You don’t need to use mods at all, the composition and synergies still work, just a little less optimized. I put in a few comments on this for each character.

Moreover, I think using mods comes in three flavours:

Cheating: This is doing things which are not allowed in the game, like God Mode or making your characters unkillable.

Non-Cheating Not Lore Friendly: This is changing things based on allowable game mechanics, but breaking lore. Imagine respeccing Nenio as a 2-handed fighter or Daeran as a religious cleric.

Non-Cheating Lore Friendly: This is changing things based on allowable game mechanics while maintaining lore integrity with characters. I believe this is the way to go.

…completely redoing the companions to the classes you want is a clear mechanical advantage, even if you try to keep them in the same role, because they have a higher point buy than the mercs. And given that you really need every advantage you can get in Unfair, that’s basically admitting you needed to cheat a little.

You can go through whatever mental gymnastics you want to convince yourself it’s OK. I’m just letting you know that not everyone is going to feel the same way, and why.

You are right on some level, of course, and entitled to your definition of cheating and to what is morally acceptable or not.

My post is not aimed at offering a strictly puritanical option to players. It is most clearly not. It is aimed at offering them an option, based on my personal experience, which is lore-friendly and isn’t flagrant cheating, and is also viable if you don’t want to use mods at all. I will slightly amend my introduction to make this clear. For example, the insane damage stacking from Elemental Barrage, Mythic Charge and Sneak Attack is openly available without using any mods whatsoever. You can use Arue as is, and shift her to melee. This is easy to do if you manage to get her at Level 8. But you can also use Woljif or other characters you get earlier.

Then players can decide for themselves.

Elemental Barrage no longer works on weapon damage