Mounted Warrior Build help

I want to build a Warrior to ride a mount in combat. I won’t be able to mount until level 7 I guess cause not going horse.

I need a good pet class. I need the pet to be super tanky while I sit on top with a reach weapon (Glaive) and get mad AoO’s. My race will either be Elf or Half Orc.

Can I use a Reach weapon, mounted considering my pet is large and takes up an extra 5’?

Any tips for this build would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Sounds like sohei is the choice for you. You can start with one level of something else to u lock non horse options and then take the res tin sohei. You’ll eventually get two extra flurry attacks with pole arms and you get bonus mounted feats.


Totally agree with Sohei. That class is way too strong IMO.

May I suggest starting with Divine Hound if you want dog or wolf? That way you get a single judgment (not that much but still…) and you get two casts of Lead Blades to ramp damage. Or you can start with Beast Rider to choose a free teamwork feat, preserve BAB and choose almost any companions.

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Yeah - Sohei (Monk), Divine Hound (Hunter) and Urban Hunter (Hunter) are the strongest mount classes - take a look at those.

With Sohei you want to go (at least) 11 levels into that class.
With either Hunter, 12 levels. Though 16H/4 Mutation Warrior is strong

After that their attacks are usually bolstered further by 4 levels of Fighter - Mutation Warrior (to qualify for Mythic Weapon Speciliazation of choice, get strength mutagen and some bonus fighter feats)

And after that there is a lot of debate and preference what the last 5 levels should be - a 1 level dip into Bloodrager Beastrider gets you rage and bloodline (celestial is great)
4 levels of Sacred Huntsman is pretty good too.
or 3 levels of of Divine Guardian (Paladin) also works well.
2 levels in Cavelier can also be beneficial if there are some levels to spare.

But when in doubt as pointed above you can’t go wrong with a basic 16/4 split - with the 4 being mutation warrior.

Thanks! I’m gonna give it some thought and choose one of those options!

Cavalier > Beast Rider sounds like the Class you’re looking for. Full BAB, can wear Heavy Armor and is geared towards using Spear-type weapons and Charging enemies with them.

A lot of people suggesting Sohei, but I don’t think that fits your description very well since it’s an unarmored tank with a Horse mount, so you’d have to dip into another Class if you wanted a different mount.

Also, you can ride any mount that’s one size category larger than you, so you could ride most mounts right from the start of the game if you make a Hafling or a Gnome character.

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Ive read that you can use sohei with light armor. Also, you dont want to go with heavy armor, because Mobility skill gets penaties with this kind of armor.

You don’t need to min-max unless you’re playing on Unfair, Heavy Armor Beast Rider is perfectly viable.

Sure. I just pointed so he is aware of this point.

I like the Gendarme archetype of Cavalier since it lets you trade the tactician ability for a bunch of extra feats.

also, since you’re on an animal, most attacks get directed at your mount, not you, so your AC is not really that important

1 lvl Cavalier (Gendarme) for non-horse (actually I love horses for def), than 11 lvl Sohei and back to Cavalier. All mon#unt feats def incl crane style and all rider feats offensive, fauchard.

Gendarmes are limited to horses as well.
If you want another mount, you should dip Mad Dog Barbarian, Sacred Huntsmaster inqisitor, Hunter, some class with access to domains and animal domain, ranger, druid or Sylvan Sorcerer.

Yes you are correct. I want a horse anyway.