Moonday and Kesten

How the h### am I supposed to meet Kesten on moonday? I have no option to see what day it is, nor wait for a specific day… stupid design, brrrrrr

If you go inside a location and exit into the main map, when you hover on the location, it will tell you something like “Last visited on XXXX”, XXXX being the date, with the day of the week. You can then calculate how many days you need to wait before you can come back.

This is a game that sometimes doesn’t hold your hand. You have to think and work around some UI limitations. I like it personally, see it as part of a puzzle to solve :wink:

ON PC you can hover your mouse, but there’s no such thing on consoles. Anyhow, I rested two time in the area itself and it turned out to be the correct day. So not too much time wasted waiting …

There is such thing on console (I’m playing on PS4) - use the right stick to get the cursor.

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You can’t hover over the moon dial to see what day it is…

I’m not talking about the moon dial. I’m talking about hovering over the location you just visited on the map.

I added this to our list, seems like an oversight on our part. I’m sorry you have to solve it like a puzzle to finish the quest.


Appreciated! Thanks!

like puzzles and the non hand holding of this game myself

but it should never ever require lateral thinking and puzzle solving just to know what day it is!
also anyone form the realm would no the calendar same as we know ours, none one on our world should have to puzzle out when “sunday” is for example, the same way anyone from pathfinder kingmaker world would automatically know when “moonday” is

That works thanks :grinning: :grinning:

Hold on a second, did someone from the team ACTUALLY respond to a console issue?

Does that mean that Pathfinder Kingmaker is actually going to get fixed and playable soon?

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lol unfortunately i reported this 11 months ago, so it’s already on their non-existent list