Make "Adventures Editor" available for community

Hey there owlcats!

Thanks for this awesome game and implementation of the Pathfinder setting in it!

We all really like what you did for us as the main and DLCs campaigns, but what can make Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous really flourish is a publicly available “Adventures Editor” for the game.

This would trigger creation of a massive number of new community-driven campaigns for the game, which could keep the game on top of charts for very long time!

Take Neverwinter Nights as an example - there are thousands of community modules, created by different people. There are stories, which try to continue the main game’s storyline, as well as tons of campaigns, which tell completely different stories. And this made the game really popular once, and motivated then to even create a remake, where you still can find a lot of fellow players, however the game is around 20 years old now!


Thats a good idea i support this.

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Can we please do not forget about that idea ??!
That would be so great and such a boost for the Game!
People would buy and play it for many many years and it would be always be possible to sell content DLCs for creators with assets and stuff like that.
Im the opposite of rich but I would pay for that!


Owlcat only have a few people working on WotR. Their main focus now is Warhammer 40k. Im afraid that ship has sailed off already.

Mod Support can make games last centuries. I have trouble seeing WotR last nearly as long even with Mod Support. You need really good base games like Skyrim or Fallout 4 and Mod Support needs to be available from day 1.

People have left WotR already, making it a niche title. Perhaps the next game Owlcat does features Mod Support, though I doubt Warhammer 40k will have it, in mind with all the worldwide problems right now slowing down daily work.

WotR isnt a good campaign to add Mod Support to. Its a linear story with fixed locations lined up along a given Mythic Path. There is no open world to add new locations and stuff to, like is the case with Skyrim or F4.

Not sure which Adventure Path has an open world, but a pirate-themed one would fit. The main campaign needs to be isolated from the open world. Then Modders can add content to fill and expand that open world.

Looking at the Adventure Paths, these would fit …

  • Skull & Shackles (a ship can quickly go to various locations)

  • Ruins of Azlant (plays around a Colony)

  • Strength of Thousands (plays around a Spellcaster School)

After reading a bit about each Adventure Path, almost all of them are written and play out in the same 1 way, visiting a series of locations and leaving them behind for good.

This doesnt work for adding Mod Support. Imagine if in Skyrim you would visit Whiterun and leave it forever. It wouldnt work.

You need to be able to visit the same locations several times for both main and side quests, so the Adventure Path needs locations that are both close by and are not left for good during the main quest.

WotR leaves everything behind, once your done with it. Everything in there is left behind (almost) immediately. Even the main city is left behind in later Acts. Mod Support would be somehow wasted for this game.

I don’t have words to express how much I disagree. WotR, as any other Pathfinder/DnD based game has an infinite potential for extending with mods. You think of mods too narrowly though. In Pathfinder/DnD mods could be different campaigns taking place in the same or other regions in Golarion or even on other planes.
They could be some side stories about some side characters who you meet during the main game. Or, it can be about some characters adventures, which take place in parallel with the main quest. Or it can be something which happens before or after the events of the main campaign. The variety of options is just limitless.

It’s just you thinking about mods only in the way they are implemented in open world games, such as Skyrim. But WotR is not Skyrim, it has a completely different approach to the narrative. Take NWN 1, for instance, the game is 20 years old, but it’s still popular and has the Enhanced Edition, which was released relatively recently, and all this because of thousands of custom campaigns, extending the main campaigns almost limitlessly. So don’t be trapped in your cozy Skyrim, think out of the box!

Regarding mod support being available for community from day 1, I talked to community managers and devs in Discord about this, and they have issues with it due to their Unity licensing. They simply cannot give out the assets they use in the game to the community. I have no idea if this would change in the future, I really hope they’ll find a way (c’mon give us the tools, and the community will create the assets on its own). But for now we have what we have.

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Unity Modding is really hard so adding Unity Mod Support is equally hard.

I agree that adding standalone locations can make a game better, though they cant nearly add to the game as much as content for open world games like Skyrim and F4.

NWN1 is a niche title with Mod Support, Skyrim and F4 are not. Adding Mod Support for the latter makes sense, adding it for the former not so much.

Owlcat chose against it, which I fully understand. Future Adventure Paths could be released with Mod Support and some of these Paths are more open world than others.

Perhaps we get Mod Support for WotR eventually. Id support it if Owlcat did this and it would surely add to WotR as much as was the case for NWN1. If its something they can do, they should.

Actually I was talking not about standalone locations, which could be good of course for the main campaign, but the room for extension is not that big indeed there, as party members development is limited.

What I meant were completely standalone campaigns / adventures, but in the same setting, somehow indirectly connected to the main campaign:

  • taking place before, in parallel, or after it in terms of time;
  • happening in the same, nearby or far away lands or even plans;
  • side stories about some main characters, or about characters, somehow related to them, or about some major/minor NPCs, who you meet during the main campaign;
  • and so on…

And noone argued WotR was as mainstream as Skyrim, it never was. Of course it has less adoption, at least because of its complexity, Pathfinder/DnD rules are just not for everyone, where you need to think in advance how you will develop your characters.

What I tried to point out, is that WotR, Pathfinder and DnD still have their fans, and there are much more of them, who are all-in in this setting. People playing Skyrim come and go, people playing Pathfinder and DnD games are there to stay.

NWN 1 showed it, Baldur’s Gate fans showed it, Baldur’s Gate 3 adoption showed it, Solasta fans showed it. But none of these games were as mainatream as Skyrim. All of them were niche, as you mentioned. Why this fact should prevent their developers from making Adventures Editor for their game available for the community, I don’t know…


We could sure use Mod Support because Owlcat are now working on Warhammer 40k … no Pathfinder game in the next several years.

Perhaps they figure it out and add it as a parting gift after Season Pass 2.


Hopefully they will! :+1: