Main character weapon bug - permanently vanished - quitting game

Something went terribly wrong with my game. At a certain point, I noticed the both Lann and my main character (MC) had lost their primary weapons. They were both unarmed and the weapons had vanished from inventory. I figured the problem was that storyline unarmed fight with Lann, since they were both affected. So, I went back through my saves, one at a time. The weapon was missing in all of them. Eventually, I found a save from WAY back. Loaded that. Weapon vanished again as soon as I left the area I was in. Decided to try unequipping and requipping the weapon, so I reloaded the save where I had the weapon. Unequipped it, and it vanished. Not in inventory. Permanently gone. Since I have taken several weapon feats to use a glaive, the game is not really playable if my barbarian is unable to keep the glaive I was wielding. It’s really such a pity this game is SO buggy. It’s well-written and fun, but the bugs are absolutely endless and so incredibly frustrating. I’m hanging up this game and won’t be back for anymore Paizo/Owlcat games since Kingmaker was basically the same sh**show of endless bugs.