Looks like we're getting a Starfinder game

For any of you that haven’t seen it yet, Owlcat posted a link to “What’s Next?” that takes you to a webpage to sign up for an email newsletter. The webpage background is a spacescape with two planets and an asteroid belt visible. The stylization of the signup window and font is decidedly “sci-fi”.

Yes, this could possibly be Pathfinder: Iron Gods, but the “full space and sci-fi” styling of the webpage leads me to leaning towards it being a Starfinder game.

Which is great! And, IMHO, a better choice than Iron Gods at this juncture (though I would still like to get Iron Gods eventually).


Ohhh thats promising! Thanks for thhe info! :heart_eyes:

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Shame, willl skip the game since I hate scifi and especially scifi-fantasy.
But good for all that like it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Another one to back once it hits kickstarter. Been too long since we had a meaty science fantasy CRPG in outer space.

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I’m of similar mind. Will be skipping this one.

If I must play a sci-fi RPG, I’d rather it be something like Obsidian’s TOW2 or Bethesda’s Starfield.

Turns out it’s not Starfinder, courtesy of Paizo letting us know. Back to the guessing game.

Strange Aeons and Iron Gods are strong contenders. Or Owlcat finally decided to try their hands on their own IP. And an Sci-Fi one at that.

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I hope it will be Iron Gods. Like someone once write:
The way I see it, there’s two basic kinds of characters you can make for Iron Gods: characters who accept technology and characters who don’t. Characters who accept technology are probably going to be interested in using technology or figuring out how it works. Whatever their reasons for doing so–greed, curiosity, convenience–they’re the kind of character who’s going to pick up a laser gun and either use it or sell it. Characters that don’t accept technology are going to do the opposite. They’re not going to use the tech they find and chances are, they’re going to try to break it.
This will give nice options to create PC not to mention how it can make tension between party members.

I think they can even use some of the current epic rules with bit of twisting, if we think of Nanite bloodline for sorcerer and how to use that NPC/PC: "The nanite bloodline has some cool powers. At low levels you can use the nanites inhabiting your body to coat your weapon and poison your enemies, or use the nanites to improve your skills. At later levels you can use the nanites to heal your own wounds, avoid critical hits, and even become a living swarm yourself. "

Thinking of first game and Harrim how about: “A cleric with the iron priest archetype. This character believes that the Rain of Stars which brought technology falling from the heavens was a divine event. The gods intended these objects as a gift for the people of our planet to use as they desire.

There have been many players who have asked for Gunslinger, this would be great AP for it: "The techslinger archetype swaps out some of the gunslinger’s deeds with new deeds that involve using technological guns and gear instead. It’s quirky, it’s thematic, and it’s a chance to finally play a gunslinger!"

how did they let you know? an article? email?

Paizo’s reddit account. You can read it here.


thank you good sir, that is very helpful

So… Paizo published another post on reddit. This time, any association with Paizo is out of the window. So no adaption of either Starfinder or Pathfinder AP’s for this one. Which leaves two possibilities:

  1. Owlcat will use another established ruleset for their upcoming video game. Such as Numenera, Star Wars, or Star Trek. amongst others.
  2. Owlcat really does branch out with their own campaign setting IP and unique brainchild ruleset. The second coming of Pillars of Eternity… in space! Maybe.

I am kind of surprised. I mean they have to create totally new ruleset for they next game. Sure they can use same engine and graphics I guess but getting rid of all Pathfinder rules (+world, gods, classes) and creating new one. Do we even know that next game will be RPG?

I guess it also rules out that they would make they own Pathfinder game or use something like Way of the Wicked from Fire Mountain Games (or I might be totally wrong and you CAN use Pathfinder RPG ruleset but have to create your own world if you want to publish something… …just thought that you need to have Paizo’s permission to release it for computer?)

Nothing is certain at this point other than it having something to do with space. But I remember Owlcat wanting to create their own stuff from livestreams back when WotR didn’t hit its alpha days yet.

I can understand them wanting to have more creative freedom and control over what they can do. Both of their Pathfinder games were great. But they still had to follow Paizo’s AP main story and all, even if altered. Trying something completely new unrelated to existing IP content would more than likely provide them with a fresh change of pace.

yikes, i came here for pathfinder. oh well.

Well now we know. And it is very strictly NOT my thing. So I will, sadly, be passing on this game.