Life bubble spell

The Life bubble spell use to affect the whole party, now it’s a single target spell making way less useful. Is this a bug? Or was it intentionally changed? A 5th level spell that buffs the whole party is worth it, for a single person not at all.

Also the Glorious Beard spell wasn’t a round per level spell before, these are pretty big changes.

I put in a bug report a long time ago about this. It changed when they did the 2nd DLC update. So it may be a change to how they view the balance.

In the PnP rules the spell is a group spell so I don’t know why they changed it. Would like to know their reason for doing so also.

Me too, i’d like to know the reason for the change.
It affect a single target but the description doesn’t match (original description). Metamagic Selective Spell can still be applied to it.

If the reason is to balance spells, keeping it a group spell with 10min duration seems better (like protection from energy communal)