Lann Mounted Snap Shot Build, Release Version

I initially started playing with this idea in Alpha. But, a lot of abilities have changed since my initial tinkering and I figured that I’d drop an updated build for anyone that’s interested.

The idea of this build is to take advantage of ranged mounted combat, Overrun, and the Snap-shot line of feats. You Overrun a group of enemies and get a bunch of AoO’s when they try to stand up. Lann is already leaning this way at level one by having combat reflexes. You also get to take advantage of the Demonslayer Ranger’s big favored enemy bonuses. Especially, now that they’re working again. The Cav levels are for an extra 2 feats, an extra Mastodon level and a lot more feat synergy.

It’s a pretty fun way to play with Lann. As I said earlier, I’ve been tinkering with this since Alpha. And, I almost always take him in this direction.

Lawful Neutral Mongrelman
Str 17>18
Dex 17>20
Con 14
Int 11
Wis 17>18
Cha 9

Final build: Zen Archer 3 / Beastrider 2/ Demonslayer 15
Main Skills: Athletics (Max), Mobility (Max), Perception (Max)
Suggested Secondary Skills: Stealth or Lore: Nature
Background: Hunter
Suggested Favored Terrain: Urban/Underground/Abyss

Lvl 1: Zen Archer - Combat Reflexes
Lvl 2: Zen Archer - Precise Shot //Way of the Shortbow(Longbow is fine too)
Lvl 3: Zen Archer - Point Blank Master (Shortbow)//Deadly Aim
Lvl 4: Beastrider (Cockatice) - Outflank//Animal Companion - Mastadon
Lvl 5: Beastrider - Boon Companion//Dazzling Display(free)
Lvl 6: Ranger
Lvl 7: Ranger - Snapshot//RapidShot (Turn off and throw off of your actionbar)
Lvl 8: Ranger
Lvl 9: Ranger - Improved Snap Shot
Lvl 10: Ranger
Lvl 11: Ranger - Shatter Defenses//Improved Precise Shot
Lvl 12: Ranger
Lvl 13: Ranger - Greater Snap Shot
Lvl 14: Ranger
Lvl 15: Ranger - Clustered Shots//Improved Critical (Shortbow)
Lvl 16: Ranger
Lvl 17: Ranger - Indomitable Mount
Lvl 18: Ranger
Lvl 19: Ranger - Mounted Combat//Toughness or Iron will
Lvl 20: Ranger

Mythic Feats/Abilities
Lvl 1: Mythic Beast
Lvl 2: Deadly Aim (Mythic)
Lvl 3: Ever Ready
Lvl 4: Cleaving Shot
Lvl 5: Expose Vulnerability
Lvl 6: Improved Critical (Mythic)
Lvl 7: Expose Vulnerability
Lvl 8: Ranging Shots
Lvl 9: Distracting Shots
Lvl 10: Point Blank Shot (Mythic)

Mastodon (Bully)
+1 Int, +4 Str
Athletics and Mobility. Or, whatever you want.
Lvl 1: Fury’s Fall
Lvl 3: Combat Reflexes
Lvl 5: Weapon Focus(Gore)
Lvl 7: Outflank
Lvl 9: Armor Prof (Light Barding)
Lvl 11: Imp. Critical (Gore)
Lvl 13: Dazzling Display
Lvl 15: Shatter Defenses
Lvl 17: Armor Prof (Medium Barding)
Lvl 19: Armor Prof (Heavy Barding)

Important Spells:
Lvl 1: Aspect of the Falcon, Hurricane Bow, Acid Maw
Lvl 2: Sense Vitals, Aspect of the Bear, Barkskin
Lvl 3: Instant Enemy, Magic Fang Greater, Mass Feather Step
Lvl 4: Animal Growth, Blessing of the Salamander, Aspect of the Wolf

Why not Hunter?

You already have Arueshalae.

Low BAB. Ranger gives full BAB, plus Demonslayer gives big favored enemy bonus to attack and damage.

But you can cover domains duty by Hunter Lann, and you can cover daily divine caster requirements with hunter.

That’s certainly an option. I’d rather have Sosiel to cover that stuff though. Or, if you’re playing as a cleric already, it’s nice to pump up the damage and attack bonuses from Demonslayer on an archer. +8 vs all demons is a big positive.

There’s also a lack of combat style feats with the Divine Hunter. I think that the ranger and cavalier levels balanced it out pretty good in this case. The level 19 style feat is a little underwhelming, but it’s still something. But, archery with the snap shot line is pretty feat intensive and tough to do with just 10 feats. In this build, you’re getting Dazzling Display for free via the cockatrice order, plus rapidshot(req. for imp. snap shot), imp. precise shot and imp. crit via the ranger levels.

Sosiel is badly built cleric) I would prefer to keep my GF(Arueshalae), my best friend (Lann), my adopted elven daughter (Ember), her magic mentor (Nenio) and her bodyguard girl (Seelah))))

And me, as Oracle of Water and Angel of Nature)

Or as Shaman of Nature and Angel of Flame)

He has some stupid feats that you can’t change. But, he’s got good domains. Regardless. It all depends on what your party composition is. That will depend on you mythic and class choice too of course. I’ve done 8 playthroughs now and am on my ninth. I’m playing a Crusader/HKS Aeon going towards Devil. So, I have little use for another set of domains or druid spells. But, again. To each their own.

I play with 5 mercenaries