Lack of designated "attack" command is really irritating

So i have just purchased this game and my plan was to mainly play in turn based mode.
But i have already run into several bugs and sources of frustrations within my first few fights, and i am actually quite irritated by the how absolutely basic mechanics were not implemented.

So i have encountered these two things, which could be fixed by an absolutely basic mechanic:

  1. I cast a spell that has touch range (heal spell). The indicator sais the caster is in range after the move action, but apparently he is just out of range, thus he doesn’t cast the spell. This causes the casters cursor to be stuck in the heal spell mode. In the consequent rounds, and even fights(!!!), this cursor will remain in heal spell mode. But, now it’s getting wild: i cannot use the heal on an ally. I can only use the heal on an opponent. What the??? And the core issue: i cannot change the command to an attack. For this character not to heal an opponent as the next action, i have to end the turn based mode and let the game ai decide to attack as his next action. What is happening here?

  2. At the beginning of fights (with the spiders “spwaning” from above), sometimes some of the spiders arent targetable, sometimes, some of the spiders are targetable, but ONLY WITH A MOVE action (what the f???). So i can literally not attack 1 of the 3 spiders with my character, i can only move up next to him. (and this after that spider has already been attacked by other characters, so it is definetely “spwaned” already) and why? this is the core mechanic i was talking about:

come on guys? this is a basic, like, i am so freaking irritated by this. Why am i at the mercy of the game deciding that now is a good time for an attack command when i hover an opponent??? this has not been done wrong in any crpg i remember, ever, even not in Kingmaker, or do i just not remember correctly? Who decided this? and why? again, i am so wildly irritated by this. Can someone elaborate?

As it stands, the turn based mode seems to be next to unplayable, or at least very frustrating to handle.
I payed 50 Euros for this game, and it is pretty irritating to find such basic lvl sloppery. oO

It might of course also be that i just don’t find the command. In that case, ignore my rant and kindly explain to me where to find it.

Both points are annoying. Let’s start with the second because it has a simpler explanation:

Yep - that’s how it is. Frequently (but not 100% of the time) the incoming creature gets its turn before becoming targetable. This persists throughout the game.

One potential “fix” - make sure no one has any perception. Perhaps you won’t see them incoming? :slight_smile:

More seriously, if this make turn-based unplayable for you, consider real-time.

In my opinion, this one is definitely more annoying to handle. Whenever casting a spell and choosing a target, be wary if the game indicates you’re taking a 5-foot step. If it does, you might want to handle the movement yourself to make sure you’re in range. After moving, cast the spell and select the target.

After the fact, if have cast a touch spell but you haven’t discharged it, you should be able to select/deselect the spell in the Action tab. Open up the “A” and look for something resembling the spell you cast.

Are you getting a surprise round in these fights? If so, for that first round your party would only get a single action (either a move action OR a standard action) and the enemies would get no action that round. So, ranged characters would be able to get off a single attack but melee characters would have to use their action moving.

I have seen the issue with some of the enemies not being targetable right away. I’m not sure if it is a bug or not - the game seems to act like those enemies haven’t entered the combat yet. If I kill all the targetable enemies quickly enough, the combat ends and then a new combat will start with one or more of the remaining enemies.

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That sounds sensible, but in that exact example (mind the picture i attached), the move cursor only appeared on that particular spider; the character could shoot either of the other 2 spiders. How does that make sense?

That’s a little odd - in this example: Lann could full attack the closest one, only the move icon appeared over the “middle” one, and Lann could attack the upper-right one?

What kind of attack for the upper-right one? (full attack or move plus attack) If it’s move plus attack, how far does Lann have to move?

I sadly don’t have an image of this regarding the upper right spider; i am pretty sure i was able to attack him, but i will be willing to say that is a memory issue on my behalf; maybe the explanation given here explains the case; thus far it really does happen in surprise rounds and when opponents are out of reach for an attack without moving. It was just… well… irritating, combined with the very strange case of the cast not going off and being “stuck”.

Nevertheless, i feel like implementing the basic “attack” command should be common sense, shouldn’t it? whats the downside? Issuing an attack command that is not allowed in a scenario should just trigger some popup and ask if one wants to move instead or something like that.

It looks like Lann had the point blank shot option toggled on. When that’s active, he’ll move to within 30 feet before attacking. In your picture, it looks like he needs to move 9 feet to do so, but the game is trying to use a 5-foot step.

Personally, I keep point blank shot turned off (it will still apply if you’re within 30 feet) and handle movement manually.

Maybe, (and this is definitely a maybe), right click to try to turn a full attack into a single attack? The game might handle that correctly, but definitely easier to just turn off point blank shot.

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Maybe somthing that isn`t directly the problem. As long as you have “point blank shot” active, Lann (or any other character with the feat) tries to get within 30 feet of the target. Moving most often spoils your attack as designated.
Solution: Uncheck “point blank shot”, press shift and move a 5 foot step (or don’t, its a free action) and attack. If you get in range → good for you, you get the bonus of the feat regardless of having it activated, if not → get a full attack with arrows.

P.S.: Remember to stock cold iron quivers. They are worth their weight in gold.


/edit: @ForkOfSpite : :smiley:

The game does have a basic attack command - left-clicking on the enemy does it.

(but from the first screenshot, it’s readily apparent that left click, in this case, would do some sort of movement rather than attack or move and attack)

I think it’s trying to do a full attack but can’t do so because Lann would need to move more than 5 feet (in order to get into point blank range). It might only be a problem when the movement needs to be more than 5 feet but less than 10. The programming logic certainly knows how to automatically move and single attack.

Left clicking issues a context dependent command; that is something else entirely.

In my book, the cleanest way to handle this is with a designated command. For example, you should be able to attack any civilian in the game. That is the only thing that makes any sense from a RP perspective. I can imagine that not having this command is actually the easy solution of not having to deal with the consequences of the player having the agency of attempting to attack anyone he desires.

Some hours into the playthrough, i can confirm that the bug of randomly not being able to use an attack persists.

I am not certain what triggers it; i am certain it is a bug and not tied to rules though, as in SOME cases (this does not always fix it) i can deactivate → reactivate turn based mode (while keeping the game paused, so no time has actually passed and the turn proceeds at the exact same moment as it was before) and THEN i am able to process the attack. (This should confirm that it is a bug, unless i am missing something).

I would say, it is an annoyance, nothing truly gamebreaking. I still think this is a consequence of having no designated attack command. But i guess by now why they chose not to implement one:
If you have players click the attack command while the rules wont allow for an attack; you will have 2 issues:

  1. It is unintuitive for unexperienced players as to why the character is not able to process the command. This would require to give some explanation (with a tooltip or something like that) for every possible scenario where a character cannot process that command. OR just have a voiceline of “i cannot do that” and let the player figure out why (i think this would be a legit solution).

  2. The possible reverse bug/rulebreaker/cheese: Having a designated attack commend could lead to some exploits where you can execute attacks when the rules would actually not allow it.

In the end, whether this is an issue at all or not comes down to clean programming.