Its gotten old, constant suckage

Seriously, you guys just suck as a company. All these years and you still cant seem to release a game that isn’t bugged beyond all reason. At this point all I see is Owlcat as one of the worst gaming companies ever. right up there with the jackasses that did the cyberpunk debacle. Your just lucky enough that the games you make are a niche market or Im sure you would get the same fallout.

For us who love this type of game, please hire some programmers that are not retarded.

Agree to disagree
I didnt have gamegreaking bugs, or stuff i couldnt work around
dose some stuff not work as it should… yes… but it is getting fixed step by step
and i think they did a wonderfull job with their limited resources

Same for Cyberpunk 2077 (my personal game of the year) since the patch 1.05 (2 weeks after release) it did run without any problems for me (on PC ofc)

I second that.
But at least bugs can be fixed, you know. But their writing can not. I have no idea why they still keep those reddit tier writers.

i only got 1 gamebreaking bug and it only lost me around 30 minutes of time plus making a game with alot of choice is hard i would say they did a reasonbly good job