Items dropped disappearing

I just started a last Azlanti game, and I just realized that all gear that I dropped in the floor (so i don’t get the uncumbered debuff) disappeared. That happened already 2x just in the initial maze pre chapter 1. Sad to know I won’t be able to continue the run thanks to the “enhanced edition”

[v2] On PC, WotR Enhanced editions, I just dropped an item. I can see the highlighted bag and take the item back. I am not in the same area in the game though.

I also tested with various quest items.

Just in case :
a) Though it is sort of obvious, do not drop items when you are on a travel map or an equivalent transit zone.
b) There is also an option (button) that destroys all items you leave behind in an area (this option was designed to reduce the size of save files). I presume you did not use it of course.

ps: alt+b on the keyboard is to send a bug report in-game (which is better).

[My first answer was totally incorrect. Removed it here.]

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I forgot to add a couple of detais:

  • the item disappeared when I close and open the game, not immediatly
  • that is happening on the shield maze
  • i’m on last azlanti mode (so when I close the game it saves, but when I open it again the items in the floor that I previously dropped are gone)
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On the steam message boards, one of the developers acknowledged this bug and indicated that the QA is working on a fix.


Good to know. I am holding off on doing the Gray Garrison as I know I will be bit by the dropped looted bug.

Today’s patch (2.0.1d) reads :

  • Dropped items won’t disappear after reloading your saved game anymore.
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Thanks for the update, now it seems to be working as inteded!

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Thanks, that helps.

Still have the issue with items dropped disappearing when I leave Market Square. I don’t have the destroy items checkbox selected either.

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That happend to me yesterday, some items I left In Market Square disappered :frowning:

Easy to replicate. Drop item, leave area, return. Item gone. You don’t need to check the destroy checkbox.

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Exactly same issue, very tedious one.
After exploring all market square I’ve dropped all the heavy stuff and had gone to Blackwing Library.
Next time I entered the Market Square all dropped items was gone.

Bug already reported via game, guess nevertheless that I will no able to get my stuff back without reloading a old save.

PS: Just to be clear: never checked the option to “destroy” items upon leaving an area.


Still broken as of the latest patch. :frowning: