Is it Worth to go more then 3 points in mobility

So I’m doing the Rowdy Rogue Range Build on WotR and wondering if going going with more then 3 points of mobility is worth it or should I start dipping into another skill? Right now I’m 3 Mobility 3 Stealth 3 Trickery and 3 Persuasion should I start dipping in perception or just go with those 4 and max those 4 out and is it work maxing mobility?

Are you planning to use Acrobatics? Are you Mounted? Why do you have 3 Mobility in the first place if you’re Ranged? Don’t tell me you’ve got a Crane Splash and are fighting defensively ranged.

No just new to Pathfinder Mechanics so honestly and seen lots of builds with 3 so thought all of them needed at least 3

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The 3 points in mobility is just to get the extra ac from fighting defensively so it isn’t really necessary for ranged builds.

Fighting Defensively with the Monk ability Crane Style is kind of a fad that ends up hurting more people than it helps since it’s still -2 to hit and takes either a level of Monk or extra Feats. If you’re Fighting Defensively three ranks in Mobility give you 3 extra AC instead of 2. Without Crane Style (or the Swordlord Abilities) Fighting Defensively gives you -4 to hit.

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Any news on a patch to fix the Console version of Kingmaker that hasn’t worked since release nearly a year ago?
All queries are being ignored on the console forum so thought I’d post this elsewhere…

as a ranged unit, probably not even needed to go those 3. The 3 points only give you a small boost to AC if you’re fighting defensively, and ranged units usually would not need this. That being said, you DO want someone in your party be really good at mobility for skill checks. Now, for a melee unit, there are reasons one would want mobility, while mounted, there are multiple feats that allow you to help out your animal companion by using your mobility.