Inspired Rage maw attack accumulates 1.1.6

I created a game save in an older version of the game and I keep having the Demon Dancer bug with Inspired Rage and bite attacks. Some of my characters have 3 bite attacks even though they should have one.

Respec of my MC skald didn’t help.

Is there a work around or do I have to ditch the Demon Dancer?

AFAIK, it is common bug. So, you can stack bites from any source, for example, from race and hex.

It’s just that I don’t have other sources. It seems like inspired rage stacks with bite attacks from previous inspired rage.

Just want to bump this and say that I am having the same problem. Some of my chars have 5+ bites all from inspire rage (demon dancer). They seem to not wear off after the rage ends

I am also having this problem using the Skald’s inspire rage ability with animal fury. It seems you can reset the bites by saving and reloading at least. Still a rather annoying bug!