Inevitable Update


We always carefully analyze your feedback, and we really appreciate your help in making Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous a better game. Since the release of the Inevitable Excess DLC, we’ve been paying close attention to the problems you encountered. And with the last patch, we’ve introduced a number of changes.

We improved and enhanced the epilogues of Inevitable Excess DLC; additionally, Demon and Azata got unique interactions and special endings. Lich got a new artifact, which can be imported into the main campaign.

A puzzle has been removed from the entrance to the final dungeon. Axis now has lamps to show you where you can teleport. We also added a dialogue, which will warn you about a point of no return, when entering Valmallos’ Threshold.

We hope these changes will make the DLC more enjoyable for you! If you find any technical problems, please let us know by pressing Alt-B in the game, and we’ll be sure to fix them.


and how do i import my lich to the main game now? i already have a save that beat the dlc

It will import automatically when you load your main game save.