Improved Improved Critical Feats bug out when using Loremaster

If you use Loremaster to acquire Improved Critical then some of the Trickster Critical feats do not show up during level up. Improved Improved Critical works fine, but Improved Improved Improved Critical and Improved Improved Improved Critical Improved do not.


That reminds me the extreme importance to make a hard save always before leveling… especially as my main character will be going Loremaster (sigh, scary prospect).

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Unfortunately in this case a hard save wouldn’t really help. You’d only notice the problem many hours down the line. You grab Improved Critical as loremaster, then the first Trickster Feat on level 11-13, and then the game bugs out and doesn’t show you the other feats on level 15-17. It pretty much ruins the mythic for spellcasters since rays is the only thing they can do.


My brain took a silly long time understanding your point : I get it now (it might work fine the first time, but then the others you planned…). True!

I would not say it ruins ray spellcasters though (but I say that only as a player at the start of Ch. 3, so).

Well all things considered the better ray crits are the key benefit that spellcasters enjoy (aside from completely normal metamagic). There is another recourse though, and it’s going Eldritch Knight.