Immunity bug with Will-O-Wisp mob and Ascendant Element

I just tried fighting a Will-O-Wisp that has spell immunity. My character has Ascendant Element which is supposed to ignore all immunities but the wisp still immuned my fire blast. I tried again with my Ember companion who also has Ascendant Element and it was immuned for her as well.

I think Will-O-wisp is different than most creature. They are supposed to be immune to all spell if I remember correctly. AE feat will ignore elemental immunity but not spell immunity

If that’s the case then they really need to specify in the description on Ascended element. It specifically says “The damage of that energy type you deal can no longer be prevented or reduced by resistances or immunities” The way that is worded implies all immunities are negated. If it is just elemental immunity it needs to say that it in the description.

Also, I really hope it is a bug because I’m doing my first playthrough as a pure fire Kinetic Knight. It’s already tough as it is with all of the Spell Resistance in the game but if some mobs can just immune all of my damage even with the mythic feat, I might as well scrap the whole character.

Did you check if the spell was resisted.
If not, then magic missile is the only spell that can through if it’s the same as Kingmaker.
I’ve killed a few of them, but my Sorceresses is pretty much a melee shapeshifter
I usually play solo Sorc, so my next play-through will be with spells. I may have to pick up a summon spell for those fights

It definitely said immune in the log. Also why the hell would magic missile specifically bypass the immunity when Ascended element fire blast doesn’t that makes literally no sense