Icy protector ring no longer sold

As of the last update 1.3.5e, vendor Vissaliy Rathimus at Defender’s Heart does not sell the icy protector ring anymore.

Same issue here. To be specific, Vissaliy now sells his Chapter 2 stash in Chapter 1 as of the most recent oatch, so you can also do weird crap like buy Red Salamander in Chapter 1.

I’ve been waiting for 3 months for them to fix Invisibility…nothing

Now they managed to break my tank spec also…


Same here, i really want to like the game but… This is my 4th restart, just to get confused arriving at the merchant. I’m disappointed

What is the problem with invisibility if i may? havent noticed so far but i do not use it anyway

Original bug, from 1.2 till a couple of weeks ago:

Every enemy reacts to you like if they have See-invisibility. So your first attack is against flat-footed AC, every other attack is against normal AC. On Unfair that means you can hit your enemy ONLY with natural 20…breaking a lot of builds.

A couple of weeks ago they said “WE FIXED IT”. Obviously they were wrong. the actual bug is:

The same I wrote above, and on top of that, if you attack from invisible/stealth BEFORE starting combat, enemies will take hits without reacting to you or your party, allowing you to kill them all while invisible (this was reported by others since my game is uninstalled), making it possible to abuse invisibility for whoeevr wants to.