I think this game broke my Xbox

I think this game has totally broken my Xbox. Sure it was buggy, but I had a bad crash from the game and now my Xbox doesn’t work at all. Yes, I have unplugged it and plugged it back in. I have let it sit for 30 minutes before turning it back on. Sometimes the xbox doesn’t boot. Sometimes it boots after 4 minutes. Sometimes it just staying on the green screen with the Xbox logo.

Any ideas?

Did the hard reset. Looks like I need to wait and try to factory reset.

Not happy about this at all. :frowning:

that’s sucks bro, im sorry. unfortunately this company has a policy of zero accountability so best case scenario u get ignored, worse case, they tell you it’s your fault

Need to do a wipe and use a USB to reset everything :frowning: I was almost done with this game but I do not dare replay it.

Yup. This game is just not finished and bad. It’s also a shame that the developers seem to have abandoned both fixing it and responding to us here on the forums.

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Agreed they won’t fix it but they want us to buy WOTR on Console sorry OwlCat not happening I’m giving my money to developers that actually give a damn which you obviously don’t so GFY.

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