I am done with this game. (Spoilers)

I cannot express how completely disappointed I am with this game.

After 115 hours, I am stuck. Utterly and completely stuck in a loop where the game has broken itself to the point where I cannot continue and complete the game. I have the War of the River Kings quest active with regular events that cause me to lose 30-50 points in every single kingdom stat on a success. I have weekly events telling me that Pitax is winning the war. I can see the Menagerie where the monsters are being teleported into my kingdom on my map. I can see the Whiterose Abbey after going into the dream sequence.

I am not allowed to visit those territories. Every time I try and cross the border into Pitax, I get an unavoidable book event where I am told that there is a ban on entering the country or some such and have literally no choice but to back off. I’ve got Linzi’s quest active waiting for her book to finish and have not gotten an invite to the Rushlight Tournament (or if I did, it was so long ago I not only don’t remember it, but that invite now seems to be inactive and I can’t get into Pitax for anything). I don’t have any other envoys appearing to give me permission to enter Pitax.

115 hours in to this game, exploring every location I can and having a lot of fun with it. Until I discovered how many bug and breaks there are in this game. Half or more of the artisan quests being utterly broken, okay I can deal with that because it isn’t that important. But main quests? And this wasn’t the first main quest to be bugged. I had to edit the save file to force Armag’s tomb to be visible so I could complete that quest too.

Now I’m stuck in a situation where I cannot do anything. I’ve got less than a month of in-game time till “Pitax wins the war” kills my kingdom and ends my game. And I can’t get into Pitax to complete any of the quests associated with the region, despite having opened at least 2 of the locations necessary to do so.

I would love to know about some kind of fix for this. Something I can do to disable the block into the territory so I’m allowed to actually play the game I bought. But at this point, I don’t know if I’d even bother with it. With this number of game breaking bugs, breaks, and errors, I can’t help but think this game should never have seen the light of day for months. I cannot, in any way, recommend this game to be played by anyone I know. Maybe in 6 months with constant patches and hotfixes I’ll think about it again. Until then, I can’t believe this is what I kickstarted.

If you didn’t go to the rushlight tournament in time that is probably what broke the quest. You have to do it to continue. That said I’m going to stop with my current playthrough until the game is fixed. Pitax is seriously broken. I killed a main opponent and next time I go back there he’s alive and kicking. Also amiri’s quest is indefinitely on hold it seems.

It seems I have just gotten past the point OP is stuck on, but if I manage to beat the game I will definitely wait a long time before trying a second run through the game. It’s easy to see the potential of the game and what the devs were aiming for, but the amount of bugged quests and features is staggering. I also hope the kingdom management will be rebalanced at the very least (there’s a thread with some good posts on this topic already). After the first chapter, the game feels very much like a beta version that needs more than just a couple of weeks op polish and improvement. I wish the devs well though and hope they can get the game to the point at which this very, very, very rough diamond will start to shine a bit more.

I agree. So much potential, and so much content. When I heard the release date I was surprised and I thought there would be no chance of them making it, but when they actually did, I thought these guys are geniuses. Now I see that there are some pretty big challenges.

This is a pretty bad bug OP has brought up. It’s easy to see how Owlcats’ QA didn’t catch it. As a game like this adds content, the QA effort doesn’t expand linearly, but exponentially. I’ve got an invitation to Rush light and I haven’t even finish Vanhold Vanishing yet. Could you imagine the test plan for this? Play for 60 hours, be sure to do this thing for the Rushlight quest, then play for another 60 hours. That and hope your first guess was right. O_O

I don’t know if we as players have different expectations now, but even the minor design choices that make it hard to continue playing. Pacing is so hectic it’s not fun. Quests involve monsters for whom we haven’t found weapons that can hurt them. Mechanics that penalize for failure and don’t really do anything for success except making future mechanics easier. This is not to mention the extremely unfair enemy balancing on normal difficulty.

I get the feeling that this was a game for a different era and that the devs tried really hard to meet their commitments and we’re all paying for it a bit. I really hope they can address these issues with enough time to get to adding cool features and content the game sorely lacks.

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Give it some time, come back in a month or two and see how it goes.

I understand the frustrations but this is literally a launch game for a developer. It is not like there is anything else out there they have done like this. From the daily updates we can see that they are working on it furiously and I am sure their next release will go smoother based on the experience gained and resources built on this project.

Your not playing a game, you are investing in revitalizing a dead genre. If you want to see more of these style of games I would urge you to look at things from a bigger picture, have some patience, and maybe just back burner the game for a bit.

True and that’s why I don’t mind giving them some time to fix things. This all feels very similar to the launch of Kingdom Come: Deliverance by Warhorse: very ambitious game by a company lacking the experience and in very rough shape at the launch of the game. Think I’ll take a look soon at how that game is doing now while I wait for this one to get fixed a bit :wink:

Sure, I’m willing to invest in that, but you can’t expect everyone or even the majority to see it like that. Most people will just want the game they paid for in good shape when it launches. All we can hope for now is that once the devs have fixed most of the worst bugs there will still be enough people around to give it another go and stay interested for any future releases.

Is that how far back the invitation was? You’re probably right about the ~60+ hours I’ve probably put in since that point. I get that this game is all about time and development of the kingdom and that things happen and end in real life, but having invisible timers placed on essential main story quests seems like one of the worst game design ideas I have ever heard. There was so many more things on the map to explore before going to a brand new region and when I had cleared out the areas I’ve already been to but didn’t have any pressing quests, I was forced to do kingdom management which also takes months of in game time. Which caused what I probably thought was a companion quest at most to time out, fail, and break my entire game down the line.

I’m glad I know this now. It doesn’t help me want to play it, but at least I know what was broken. This game needed a few more months in the oven before it was ready.

@Argantis, no, I’m not investing in revitalizing a genre. I’ve heard this argument many times for many different games and it’s always bunk. As a consumer, it is not my job to subsidize someone’s game by giving them money in the hopes that they get better. It is the company’s job to produce a game that people want to play. In the state the game is in currently, I could not give it a positive review. Should Owlcat fix the game and sort out the plethora of game breaking bugs and poor kingdom management, then I’ll probably update my review to be positive.

Yeah… That’s what I’m going to do.
Hell, that is usually a good idea with new releases.
Especially with ambitious indie games.

I have around 100+ hours in the game so far, but I’m running into more and more quest bugs (and other bugs) … also it seems that with every patch they add more new bugs than they try to fix.

So I also made the decison to drop the game for now and come back later when (hopefully) everything is fixed. I really like the game, but the amount of bugs is just unacceptable.

Allright, I’ve spent 2 days working through the house at the end of time.
I’m done.

I will probably be back after the patch on the 22nd to test the waters but the way balance has been handled and the multitudinous bugs plaguing the kingdom feature during the later half of the game has made me extremely disappointed.
Stacking Paralyze and Permanent blind without a party to buff saves, remove debuffs, or otherwise support isn’t ‘fun’, its stupid.
Balance the game, on easy, medium & hard. PROPERLY. We shouldn’t be running into CR 12 encounters at level 5, we shouldn’t be stuck into no-win scenarios on any difficulty level. The main story quest should be appropriate to the average level your character can achieve.

I dont get your whining about how hard the game is. Is the game to hard change it. There are enough option for it. The games has two problems: Bugs and the Kingdome system and thats it.

Agreed on bugs and kingdom system. I’m getting tired of getting game overs due to kingdom quests not resolving properly.

So far I’ve played 150 hours, loved the game but the least they could do was actually play it once or twice before releasing it.

First playthrough right after game is released, played until act 4(?) with Amiri’s quest and barbarian war. Amiri became unavailable, i thought it was game design (since i couldn’t beat the leader guy with Amiri no matter what i did). Went on to explore map to the west, since i knew of rushlight tournament from the bard who came in my capital, but i wasn’t aware there’s an invitation to get from kingdom screen. Somehow managed to get into pitax area even though the only option at dialogue was to turn around (from north-west side near mountains, i pressed space out of habit and it moved my party before i clicked the dialogue option). I thought maybe not being able to pass was a bug, so i went to the tournament, played it through and at the drunken melee guess who showed up with an axe in hand? I was “kinda” happy to get her back somehow but now i couldn’t interact with her at all, she became the 7th member of my party who was always out of map but spawned back near group when cutscenes happened. Couldn’t get into pitax so went back to capital from the same road and pressing space (took a few tries to go back). Took out one other companion so Amiri could have her slot back but now i had 5 guys and 1 off-the-map companion. No main quest, game ruined, 55 hours wasted.

Did a few other playthroughs until act 2-3, until i wanted another “serious” run. Learning my lessons about there being only 1 set of auto saves and quick saves across all characters (which needs to be told to players by the way), i kept manually saving my game at important times.

Now I just completed pitax castle, killed the guy, took a manual save before exiting the palace (best decision ever). The cutscene with academy bugs out. it says i completed the main quest but from what i read on forums the kingdom events continue to appear and main quest doesn’t move forward. 2 patches have come out since (one of them being 5.6 gb), but i guess other bugs were more important than not being able to continue the main campaign.

If i lose this playthrough like my previous one (even with the save i got right before bug happens), i’ll never ever touch any game from this company again, its that frustrating to spend tens of hours of your life then have it all go to waste because somebody couldn’t do their job properly (the testers or the person who decided to release an unfinished product).

I commend their work to patch the game, and understand bugs happen at games, but not this many, and certainly not on main campaign.

All they had to do was play their own game.

How is this a dead genre? There was a Divinity: Original Sin and 2, there was Dragon Age: Origins, Pillars of Eternity 2, Tyranny. In non-fantasy there was Wasteland 2. Feels like very much alive

Yeah its not a dead genre. Its was one but man now these games coming and coming.

But about the game and i must say i love it. Its better than pillars ore Divinit (for me) but all this game breaking bugs and their telling the kingdome is one of the main selling points and that is bugged. I am building a kingdome and see nothing. My plaza looks like 1 Village in nomansland. Nobady reacts to my desicions you only get a different buffs. I will wait 2-3 Months und pray all the bugs will be fixed and all features are activated and then have a playtrough without worries that i need start all over. Becaus for me it is the rpg of the year.

I almost TPK’ed in a fight against 4 Ancient Water Elementals (whatever those things are) after blowing all my resources just getting to them. Did I mention they were the fight right before the boss.

This was on Story Mode.

I switched to that mode when they decided to shut the door to the dungeon and prevent my party from resting.

This genre is as alive as a coma patient.

In hindsight I think the real issue was not accounting enough time for the launch and not testing the latter game in beta.

I really think this is just a learning curve for the developer and I hope you all stick with it in the long run. I totally understand the frustration of all the bugs and game breakers in Chapters 2 and beyond.

Ironically my favorite part of the game is chapter 1, I don’t really care for the Kingmaker part at all and I am hoping that over time it grows on me. As such I tend to keep playing chapter 1 over and over until I find the right mix to progress later into the game with.

Oh, I’ll stick it out for as long as the devs continue to work on it and continue to give the community feedback to our concerns. I’ve run the Kingmaker AP 6 or 7 times and this, ironically, it my first real chance to play it as a player. I have such high hopes for it.

I LOVE the game! and that’s why it’s more frustrating that I can’t progress further. Any other game at this buggy state, I would have shelved it forever. But I was having so much fun, been waiting for a game liked this for years, I really want to experience the whole thing without having to stress about the game may bug out at any point. I think I will have a break for now, hoping a few more patches will fix chapter 4 onwards.

For the record, I played over 180 hours so I don’t regret the purchase. I just wish maybe Owlcat delayed the release date for this game since it needed that extra time in oven.