Hunter (Trickster) party build advice

Hey guys. I haven’t been playing in a while and I decided to choose Hunter with Trickster mythic path in plan. I plan to play base Hunter, no archetype, with leopard pet. I’m playing on custom diff between normal and hard, basically, just putting everything on base/normal as god wished.
I’m looking for fun (in terms of combat), powerful team build. I’m not interested in story mode play, so no suggestions based on story alone, although it’s OK to suggest replacement for Woljif and Camellia. I’m also not keen on playing with custom characters, but one or two at max might do if there’s no better option to filll the role.

I’m definitely into multiclassing, but when it comes to actually choosing the class I stick to singleclass most of the time. I want to change that, but not drastically.

I was thinking:
Arueshalee ranger/rogue
Seelah paladin/bard or paladin/fighter
custom magus/ battlemage type of choice

I’m very much not into Geybor, Nenio, Wenduag, Regill or Sosiel
I’m very much into Camellia, but I heard you can’t keep her whole game

What do you think? How should I build my teammates?

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I’m pretty sure you can keep Cam on anything but a true Aeon run. I’ve even heard Trickster has a special / uniquely good option for her.

I got her to stick around even as an Angel and telling her to stop with the extracurricular activities.

thank you
what about hunter party build?

Hmm the only missing pieces you may want are someone for high level arcane magic and someone for hexes. Ember could be a good fit since she can cover both?

I’ve really enjoyed Battle Scion Merc.

Hunter is a fun class.

Just curious as to why you don’t like mercenaries. Yeah, their base stats are a little Lower than the campaign characters, but you get EXACTLY what you want in your party, and none of the draw backs, like Wenduag’s sandpaper personality.