Hitching/Lagging Since latest update

When I played the game at launch, it ran absolutely fine. I started another replay and it was fine. Then about a week ago, it started hitching and lagging in game. It will freeze for a few seconds regardless of what I am doing; in the menus and across saves.

Other games work fine and it seems to play fine on my laptop.

My machine specs are i7 12700K, Nividia 3070, 32 GB ram and it is loading off of an SSD. Since all other games seem to be fine, I think it is something in the latest patch. I have updated windows drivers, gfx drivers, and tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Please help!

I think I found a fix. Or at least it seems to be working atm. I went into GeForce experience and used the ‘optimize’ function on the game and it seems to be working with freezing or hitching.