Help with MC for Aeon playthrough

Hi everyone! I’m about to embark on my first real crack at an Aeon playtrhough and it occurs to me that I have… zero ideas of what to go with for an MC. Well, that’s not true: my ideal choice was a Priest of Balance, but their special channeling is bugged to not work with Selective Channel at the moment so that’s out.

Important Note: I am NOT looking for optimization, just a good amount of thematic synergy and a moderate amount of mechanical synergy. Thank you!

I don’t… actually know what most of the Aeon powers and spells are like, which is probably a big part of it.

A couple of character ideas I’m looking at:

Oread Crossbloded Sorcerer (Earth, Copper Dragon) acid blaster specialist. Sort of an earthy, inborn nature is orderly down to your bones type.

A Slayer with whichever archetype is the deity-themed one (can’t remember, too lazy to look) worshiping Abadar for a real Judge Dredd-type.

But I’d love for some input from the community!

I can see why you would think of earth elemental bloodline. But copper dragon? Those metallic pranksters who love to harass and annoy pretty much anyone around them? Sounds more like a Trickster Path candidate to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aeon has the strongest synergy with Inquisitor. But there are various other thematically fitting choices as well. Both of the Oracle’s Enlightened Philosopher and Lone Strider archetype fits the “detached” Aeon image quite well. The spell list of the Aeon are almost exclusively Abjuration spells, so things like a Warpriest’s Disenchanter are also interesting. Another thematic fitting choice is the Bard’s Tranquil Whisperer.

I have a build prepared for an Evil Aeon playthrough. Lawful Evil Hungerseed Sacred Huntsmaster 12/Sohei 6/ 2 levels of I don’t really know what. Design to use some fun new Mythic Powers, should be reasonably powerful.

Fauchard as a weapon, War domain (not an optimal choice, but I feel that’s the best one available to LE characters), Luck as the Impossible Domain, Domain Zealot. Then you go the Trip feat line (including Mythics).

The idea of the build is to bank on three mechanics:

  1. Attacks of Opportunity. Ever Ready gives insane bonuses to AoO, so you want to position yourself in such a way that you perform lots of attacks of opportunity from trips and your allies critting. Hence Fauchard.
  2. Trips. Not sure if you can outscale the enemy CMD in WotR, but the Mythic Trip feat and Hungerseed Tiefling should help quite a bit. With Aspect of the Wolf in the game, you can now trip as a swift action without losing your attacks.
  3. Domain Zealot. This transforms the lackluster luck domain power (reroll d20s for one round for a standard action) from a very situational one (basically, trade 2 rounds of full attacks for one full attack with rerolls) into a very abusable one. I wonder if having Tandem Trip will let you take the best out of 3 rolls for trips…

And on top of that you have a full animal companion, which doesn’t have to get INT to 3 to get teamwork feats, and Sohei 6 gives you an additional full AB attack. And it also fits Aeons thematically and mechanically, since the Bane feature of Aeon and Inquisitor stacks in terms of uses per day, and probably in terms of damage too (should be 6d6 at mythic 9 and SH 12).

By the way, are there any dinosaurs with tripping attacks in this game?

Monster Tactician is also an interesting option. Basically the same build, but you go Sword Saint 1 (for EWP: Fauchard and Weapon Focus), 17 levels of MT and 2 of whatever you fancy. This build doesn’t get an animal companion (although you could with Impossible Domain: Animal and Boon Companion, but can’t abuse Domain Zealot this way). And I’m not sure how good Aeon summons are, and if they interact well with MT’s teamwork feat sharing, and if the regular summons become strong enough to be useful in combat with the summoning Mythic Ability). Really like this build thematically, but I am not sure if it will be functional on the higher difficulties.

Not as of yet. Triceratops has powerful charge. And velociraptor gets pounce. Maybe we get another dino with trip somewhere down the line. In PnP both the ceratosaurus and stegosaurus get trip for instance.

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Thank you for your response!

I’m really looking for just sort of general compatible class ideas rather than fully tweaked builds, but I appreciate your input.

Oh, and my bad for neglecting to mention this in the original post: I’m looking for something squarely Lawful Neutral flavored.

Bloodlines are indiscriminate to who they end up with, so for the Copper Dragon I was pulling more for the earth-themed elements rather than the alignment-themed elements.

I’m playing an Oracle for my Angel playthrough, and I’d like to mix things up on each run, so I think that’s out. Nice suggestions though!

I kind of like the sound of that Warpriest.

Is anything in the Aeon kit useable/useful/fun for purely martial characters?

Afaik, Aeon Bane works with all weapons. And the long list of permanent immunities makes every character with either low Fortitude or Will saves very happy. Such as immunity to mind-affecting effects at 5th Mythic rank. The various Gazes are nice, but probably of secondary interest for frontliners.


Good info, thanks! I hadn’t realized they got a bunch of immunities (Aeon is the path I am probably least familiar with lol).

You can’t use a gaze and a judgment at the same time for some reason. So, it’s kind of dumb for inquisitors. Hopefully, they just make those gazes permanent. All of their spell durations are painfully short too. With the exception being the invulnerability spell.

I’m planning a Slayer / Aeon build myself. I have it pretty much worked out (I think). I debated between the Deliver or base Slayer. Deliverer does give you +2d6 vs opposing alignments so if you are LG that should happen rather often but you are giving up 2 of your slayer talents at level 2 and 10 which is when you would be taking combat style or advanced talents and I don’t think the replacement ability you get at level 2 is all that great. So for me, I’m sticking with a human base Slayer. I’m also trying to fit in a lot of feats (all crane and shatter defense line of feats plus good slayer talents).

Aeon looks really good for any melee class including Slayer. You become immune to all sorts of stuff and can even share immunities to allies within 30 feet. You also get the ability to add Bane to any weapon you use and the damage increases with mythic levels (so I don’t mind missing out on the Deliverer damage). You get cool construct summons and a gaze ability where you can choose from different buffs / debuffs you want it to apply to allies / enemies. The only other one I was considering was Azata. The dragon does have a powerful breath attack and the superpowers seem awesome.

I am planning a Wizard/Hellknight Signifier LN eventual LE fall, mirroring the change from Aeon to Devil. The spell focus and gazes really mesh well with the magical mask you get as a Signifier.