Help with game settings

I would like some help with my game settings to resolve some issues.

Issue 1, Combat:
I am currently fighting some monsters.
Monster Attack result 30 (roll 19 + modifiers: 11 )
Targets AC: 34
Result miss

Yet Valerie losses 1/3 to 1/2 of her HP EVERY battle, reason?
every 5-7 attacks from the monsters are crits.

Valerie Attacks Monster
Attack Result 15 (roll: 2 + modifiers: 13)
Target AC: 19
Result miss

I get to watch an almost endless stream of misses from my attacks coming off the targets. Reason: I don’t roll higher than 5 for long stretches.

This is how most fights go, lasting 15+ rounds because I will not get a roll higher than 5 for most of the fight.

I haven’t changed the default setting from normal. Is there a setting that can be tweaked to balance out the rolls? so I get rolls above 5? and the monsters stop rolling a nat 20 every 6 to 7 rolls?

Kingdom Management:
Once again the dice are NEVER in my favor. I send the best advisors out to resolve problems or opportunities, with at LEAST a 75% chance of success. Yet it seems like the only time I succeed is when I send them out with a 100% chance. I have less than a 40% success rate on problems and opportunities. That 40% success is including the missions with a 100% success rate.

Is there some setting that I can change to fix this???