Help with game settings

I would like some help with my game settings to resolve some issues.

Issue 1, Combat:
I am currently fighting some monsters.
Monster Attack result 30 (roll 19 + modifiers: 11 )
Targets AC: 34
Result miss

Yet Valerie losses 1/3 to 1/2 of her HP EVERY battle, reason?
every 5-7 attacks from the monsters are crits.

Valerie Attacks Monster
Attack Result 15 (roll: 2 + modifiers: 13)
Target AC: 19
Result miss

I get to watch an almost endless stream of misses from my attacks coming off the targets. Reason: I don’t roll higher than 5 for long stretches.

This is how most fights go, lasting 15+ rounds because I will not get a roll higher than 5 for most of the fight.

I haven’t changed the default setting from normal. Is there a setting that can be tweaked to balance out the rolls? so I get rolls above 5? and the monsters stop rolling a nat 20 every 6 to 7 rolls?

Kingdom Management:
Once again the dice are NEVER in my favor. I send the best advisors out to resolve problems or opportunities, with at LEAST a 75% chance of success. Yet it seems like the only time I succeed is when I send them out with a 100% chance. I have less than a 40% success rate on problems and opportunities. That 40% success is including the missions with a 100% success rate.

Is there some setting that I can change to fix this???

Im not an expert but il share what i know.
For many game tweaks you can download mods called “Bag of Tricks” and “Kingdom Resolution” which allow you to tweak how the game will work.

As far as your d20 rolls go its supposed to be random, but Kingmaker is notorious for vicious miss chances since the d20 roll is so huge vs how little your modifiers can contribute (especially early on).
Aside from cheating your best bet is using spells/items to increase your modifiers to hit, be it buffing your characters or afflicting enemies with harmful effects (such as knocking them down on the floor).

I would also advise to use a mod to respec your characters so their attributes and feats are more sensible.
Default (unmodded) Kingmaker is imho not the best experience.

I tried fighting a monster for an hour and a half.
wondering why my tanks HP was dropping like a rock
Monster attack rolls
Nat 20, failed to confirm
Nat 20, failed to confirm
Nat 20, confirmed with nat 20
19 fail to hit
Nat 20, failed to confirm
Nat 20, failed to confirm
Only nat 20 would hit my tank, I don’t think I need a mod to “respec your characters so their attributes and feats are more sensible.”
I need a 6-8ish to hit the monster, with the primary attacks.
after 10 rounds of ZERO hits, I started to look at what the dice rolls were
my rolls 1-6 mostly.
this is why I was looking for something that changed the dice rolls so that it would actually be a d20 + modifier. Instead of is the monster higher level than you? if so rolls for your attack, spell penetration, saves, etc are in the 1-6 range, and the monster saves and attacks are in the 15-20 range, mostly nat 20s if that is what is required to hit.

just a simple mod, that fixes this one issue.

currently, the way I would solve this issue is open the XML save in Visual Studio before the fight, change everyone’s currently EXP so they have enough XP to level up once, start the game go into the fight, and like magic, I CAN ROLL ABOVE 7, and the monster no longer rolls a nat 20 for almost every single attack and save.

Bam problem solved.