Help with choosing a build Magus but divine

I would like to play something similar to Magus But not Arcane.
Not interested in Monk dips and i´m not playing on unfair.
The thing is, i don´t know what class to chose between cleric, oracle, warpriest, inquisitor and shaman. as far as i know(and i am noob so that is not a lot :D) all these classes have builds that can fight in melee.
But which of these is a better caster? Melee dps or tank? So for a build that is both good at casting offensive spells but also decent in melee and wears armor + STR focused, what would be better choice?
Also I would like to pick Demon mythic path, maybe angel but I’m more inclined towards Demon path :smiley:

In my opinion/experience, but some archetypes/builds could contradict me, clerics/oracles/shamans are not efficient in melee, even with all the buffs they can cast (using many spell slots to try to hit). They are mostly spellcasters and party buff-masters.

Inquisitors are a mixed bag, but they should hit more often. Many of their buffs are Swift actions (!) and they get Team feats, so they are better all-around in melee than other divine casters.

Warpriest : not sure. Never tried or studied that class. Looks interesting. The Warpriest NPC at the end of Act 2 was super powerful, but I don’t think he had player stats. :stuck_out_tongue:

I see that Warpriest can use any armor and any weapon and get bonus Feats, in addition to other combat buffs, so probably even better in melee than Inquisitors.

I think a warpriest would be the natural choice.

A magus is a mix of wizard and fighter. You have medium BAB and HP, arcane spells up to lv6 and you can take feats as if you were a fighter. You can use a limited resource to improve your weapons further.
A warpriest has very similar features, except it uses cleric spells instead of arcane ones.

For everything you have weapon focus for, warpriest uses damage that goes up with lv instead of weapon damage. So chose a weapon that is good regarding crits without thinking about weapon damage. They get their dieties favoured weapon or you get profiency via background, no need for feats. Strengh should be your main stat and you should be enlarged, but maybe dual wielding small weapons can be a good idea if you have the stats. You could do weapon+shield, but it takes very long until the shield will do some damage. (The archetype that focusses on shields should give bonus damage only to shields and not to weapons but I have not tested it). 2h weapons feel a bit pointless, since warpriest increases weapon damage to a fixed value and there are other classes who may do more damage with a 2h weapon.

Regarding caster, melee DPS or tank:
I think only full casters (lv9 spells) should focus on casting offensive spells. Without many feats your spells will be useless (spell penetration, spell focus, ignore resistance, meta magic and so on). You fight demons who have spell resistance, damage resistance and high saves.
Pure tanks are also useless if they are not good in hitting things.
So I would do the prioreties:
1.) hit chance: If you do not hit your damage is zero
2.) damage: When you kill enemies faster they have less time to harm you
3.) defense: You need to survive until the battle is over. Try to optimize your defense without sacrificing your offence.
Use spells for buffs and use offensive spells only if they ignore spell resistance and/or if they do something on a failed save.

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