Have not received digital download I paid 114 dollars for please help!

Hello, please send the digital download again. Please send to david.daves@dignityhealth.org.
My other email is ddaves1@surewest.net

I upgraded my purchase from digital copy to early access, and once the payment was complete the web page then displayed a steam key.

was it not the same for you?

I purchased for 114 and then nothing. Where exactly is the key you spoke about displayed?

Ok, I see the key in the website, but how exactly do you activate on steam?

Key shoud be next to “Early Access”, a long word with Numbers and letters

Go to steam → Top of the Interface “Games” → “Activate Product on steam” → Copy/Paste key → Click Ok → You’re Welcome

Click on the ‘’+ add a game’’ in the Steam library and then ‘‘activate a product on Steam’’

TYVM man i saw it on bottom left P.