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I want to concur strongly, for some parts of the equipment in the game: Namely the Crusade rewards. -
Owlcat do their best to make a mystery of the future stats of the items. Pick Ring or Circlet? Well, one of the options will likely end up as vendor trash. While the other one may be a game-changer for your party.
So, you are free to make an uneducated guess, without the use of guides: -
Thanks a LOT, for some added “surprise mechanics” ! :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a CRPG. Hanging onto any and every unique item should be standard operating procedure. You never know when a neat feature could be helpful. This isn’t Diablo where everything is just a stat stick. Sell the trash and keep the rest.

It doesn’t require meta-game knowledge to know that, a few minutes into a game where you have a party of 6, you will almost certainly, eventually, find someone who can use any given item.


Except in Kingmaker doing that and then going to Rushlight was the exact wrong thing to do. It could always be that holding onto stuff instead of selling is exactly the wrong decision, because you get to keep some items of which 95% is going to end up useless. So keeping it gives you exactly nothing, while selling it gives you money when you expect to need it most, buying things that you can use at the time.

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Why? I, for example do not sell non-generic items without meta knowledge)


What was wrong with it? I never bought a thing from there on my first blind run. You don’t need to buy any unique items if you don’t want to. They’re all nice to have but in no way necessary short of a super meta optimized unfair run for some special build utilizing them.


I would say missing out on Rushlight stuff was worse for Kingmaker than missing out on the gloves for Aru is in Wrath. Of course you can always do with or without a particular thing. Doesn’t change that it is probably suboptimal.

What? It’s the first unique weapon and it probably feared your team in the Hosilla fight. Why wouldn’t you keep it and use it? Yeah Cold Iron is nice (until you get the relic before even getting Sosiel and don’t even need it anymore) but AoE Fear on hit?

What does Rushlight have to do with anything. That’s almost endgame, we’re talking about your first good weapon.

You know you can sell stuff at Rushlight, right?

Gloves are overrated. You get autosicken on hit with Crusader’s Edge. Quarry is questionable action economy until you get to Improved and it becomes -4 AC Free Action. Then you’d miss the gloves. But who’s selling those anyway?

You get plenty of cash from random and obsolete things. Don’t sell unique items.

Nope, talking about gloves.

Only if you brought the lot with you, and if you didn’t know what was coming, why would you? If you are there, see the stores and leave to get your stuff, you cannot reenter AFAIK. So have the money ready or, well, too bad.

And how often does that turn out to be useful? Never or almost never?

I think the real problem with this is that in Wrath money turns out to be a non-issue way sooner than in Kingmaker. IMO it was way easier to have stuff at hand in Kingmaker that you could pour money into. More useful stuff at the stores, more expensive Kingdom Management. If you didn’t know about the game, it was very easy to sink your whole fortune into your towns. And if you did know, well, I first saved up money for that 1000 BP trade deal, then basically saved up for Rushlight and finally blew my money again in Pitax, none of which felt misplaced.

Where in Wrath I hit the point of not having anything worthwhile to buy in Act 3. There was interesting stuff in Act 4, but I just sold a bit of leftovers and had literally millions left.

But none of that is something someone would know on a blind first run. I just wanted to point out that not selling uniques can be the wrong decision too, depending on how a game unfolds. In Wrath, I think it doesn’t matter either way as you neither need every scrap of money nor have to go back often to pick up old gear.

At least in terms of items there is no need for meta gaming. You will find tons of powerful items. Read the description and keep stuff with unique powerful abilities. Else sell everything that you do not need for anyone in your team (including those who are not in your current party). Even if you accidentally sell something and you find out later it could be useful, you will find other good stuff for that slot or you can buy it back later because you will swimm in money later. ( I always sell my stuff to the same merchant, but maybe you do not always have access to that merchant).

Some items are very useful, but as long as you read descriptions and equip the best stuff you find you should be fine, even if you miss or sell some things.

Regarding classes: Do your first play through on normal (or below if you have problems) and increase difficulty if you find this too easy. Think about what char you want to have and select a single class character that fits this description. Many classes or archetypes are already a mix of some other classes. Select companions that are good in things you are not so good at.
On normal that should be enough, try harder stuff only once you get used to the system.


Dude I wouldn’t be telling you to do it if it weren’t useful.

You’re pretending the gloves weigh a ton for some unknown reason.

I understand that you’re used to games that have one easy solution and everything else is garbage.

That isn’t this game. Play this game. It’s fun.

You can always be a caster Oracle on normal and literally solo encounter with your spells alone. No items required.

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Yeah - Your party just becomes your cheer squad at that point. Merged Oracle / cleric is like “appreciate the enthusiasm, guys, but I got this.” ZAP.

You don’t have access to vendors of earlier chapters i thought (cha 5 is an exception cuz it sucks :wink: )? It seems to me like every chapter has its own merchants, so you can never go back way later to buy or rebuy interesting items.

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Exactly. And the people saying "play it on normal and . . . " are just making the point. It’s a meta-knowledge game. With Sossiel, if you can deal with the healing bug and carry that glaive with you and look past the fact that he only shines after his introductory quest then he’s a good character. But you only get if you know where things are in the game.

On the value of the gloves, the gloves are amazing. I usually start combat with either rangers bond + quarry if it looks like a high will save type enemy or Ember’s restless sleep if it looks like a low will save enemy.

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The quartermaster endures.

You could be getting a full attack in instead.

The Glaive thing makes no sense. Sorry.

I’ve played regular difficulties my whole life. I never sell the weapon dropped by the first boss right away. You just don’t do that.

Right away? That’s like 10 hours away!

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I don’t, and I am not. Please stop putting words into my mouth that I never said.

If it’s the same vendor, you can usually buy all the stuff back that you sold. Vendors in Act 2, 3 and 5 are mostly the same. So you can buy back. I wouldn’t sell to vendors you assume you wouldn’t see again, though (Act 4).

Depends, I would say. If I am the one attacking with ranged or spell, I usually get the surprise round. So you only have a standard action anyway, unless you have Pounce.

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