Game Breaking Bug: Can't Access the Harem of Ardent Dreams

I have tried validating my files. I don’t know what to do but I can’t continue the game :frowning:. I appreciate any and all suggestions. I added the log below. @Developers

[226.0183]: Fail to evaluate: MediumCity_ShamiraMansionTransition.UnitFromSpawner#6080 (c7c7c2b73d6f4a08bc2364d26a775e9d)
at Kingmaker.ElementsSystem.Evaluator`1[T].GetValue () [0x00015] in :0
at Kingmaker.Designers.EventConditionActionSystem.Actions.StartDialog.RunAction () [0x0003e] in :0
at Kingmaker.ElementsSystem.ActionList.Run () [0x0001a] in :0