Future Games based on Adventure Paths

Perhaps it’s too early to be talking about it, considering Wrath only just wrapped up it’s kickstarter recently, and if there is a next game, it’s at least three to four years away, but speculation and discussion is always fun.

APs that I’d like to see be made into games include the following.

Rise of the Runelords: Golden oldy, and the foundation of the whole setting, with characters and locations here going on to either cameos or starring roles in other APs (Second Darkness, Jade Regent), plus being the first in the ongoing Runelords storyline.

Skulls and Shackles: Pirates are fun, and the chance to first, captain your own ship, and then later on a fleet against rival pirates and the Chelish Navy is too good to pass up.

Iron Gods: In 2nd Ed’s Lost Omens World Guide, Numeria is grouped into the ‘Broken Lands,’ alongside Brevoy, the River Kingdoms, Mendev, and the Worldwound/Sarkosis Scar. IronGOds takes place in Numeria, and would complete the Broken Lands trinity. Plus, we would get all sorts of high-tech goodies to play with, as well as the perfect excuse to introduce the gunslinger class (to make good use of all those laser guns).

Hell’s Rebels:If a secondary mechanic is absolutely required, then the original Ap’s rebellion system should qualify just fine, plus it’s an interesting AP that finally allows players to take the fight to Cheliax and the Thrice Damned House of Thrune.

Jade Regent: Road trip/Ninjas/built in relationship system that takes us outside of the Inner Sea, and to a completely different continent. Comes with a built in party in the form of its NPCs.

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I wholly concur with the Iron Gods AP. That’s pretty much the closed we can get to Starfinder inside of Pathfinder. I mean… super computers with powers that rival even the gods, granting spells and all? Count me in! We gotta have Unity inside an Unity engine powered game after all. As far as playable races goes, this is pretty much the only AP where Androids make sufficient sense as well.

An CRPG adaption of Mummy’s Mask would of course also be fascinating. I kind of grew bored of seeing European-esque settings from the middle ages. So this AP’s location would feel really fresh to me. Also, I imagine becoming undead could play an even bigger role in here than the Lich Mythic Path inside WotR.

Last but not least: I would love to see Owlcat putting Strange Aeons under their wings. Lovecraftian cosmic horror fan here through and through. Now if only Alexander Mishulin would also share this passion of mine… sigh

Reign of Winter is my personal hope, mainly for the suprise genre twist near the end, though it doesn’t have much in the way of the sort of secondary mechanics Owlcat enjoys exploring. Might be better as a sort of stand-alone xpac to the main game/quest.

With Hell’s Rebels, I think the best way to go would be to combine it with Hell’s Vengeance in some way. Maybe you’re a double agent, working for the Silver Ravens for the rebellion in Kintargo, while living a double life as an agent of Cheliax fighting against the Glorious Reclamation, and only you know where your true loyalties lie. Or maybe you have two PCs, one on each side, and have their choices sometimes echo over to the other plotline.

And yeah, Jade Regent would be a pretty good AP as well. Maybe focus less on the trip to Tian Xia and more about the place itself and maybe to process of taking over if there is a must for a secondary mechanic.

War for the Crown might be a possibility as well, seeing as there’s definitely a lot of ways the potential civil war could pan out. As a bonus, the mostly-urban aspect and political intrigue of much of the adventure could be the perfect excuse to make the Vigilante a potential class.

This would probably work better, given distance, and some of the mutually exclusive things you get up to in Rebels/Vengeance respectively.

Don’t forget that any future AP Owlcat would make into a game would also need some building component. That is by now the signature mechanic of the Pathfinder implementions.

Reign of Winter has the hut, but I am not sure if that will be enought. No idea what, if anything, the other proposed APs have.

Skulls and Shackles have you first running your own pirate ship, then your own personal island, before having to fight off a Chelish naval invasion of the entire archipelago your island happens to be a part of. You’ve got ship combat, base-building and commanding a fleet as available secondary mechanics. Only question is if there has been enough time since Deadfire came out.

Jade Regent has you escorting, then assisting the long-lost heir of a Tian Xia empire (who is a female CG bard with adventuring experience, and an obvious romancable option.) IIRC the AP more or less ends once you’ve succeeded in the takeover, though there is a bit of rebellion work and no reason Owlcat can’t expand some of the aftermath to help with ruling. You could also turn the journey there into Oregon Trail, as the common route to Tian Xia is to go by “land,” across the Arctic near Golarion’s North Pole.

War for the Crown has you assisting the crown princess of Taldor to secure her claim to the throne. You could probably have a managment mechanic where you are a step down from being the actual ruler in Kingmaker and are instead an advisor (specifically the “Minister”) dealing with the cloak and dagger/intrigue stuff firsthand.

Hell’s Rebels has you assisting a group called the Silver Ravens in their war for independence against Cheliax. Hell’s Vengeance has you assisting Cheliax in preventing another rebel group called the Glorious Reclamation from taking advantage of the situation to overthrow the monarchy (note that Cheliax is a LE nation that considers the tyranny of Hell as something to aspire to and ruled by a queen who has a Pit Fiend and an Erinys as advisors.) Both are happening more-or-less at the same time, and kinda hard to justify evil PCs in the first case or good ones in the second, hence my suggestion that they should be linked in some way. Building up the rebellion for Rebels or fighting one with cloak and dagger in Vengeance would probably be the secondary mechanics for these APs.

Iron Gods doesn’t have much which you could try to turn into base-building, but I could see having a home base/workshop at Torch where you collect scrap to rebuild some of the technology lying around.


Skull and Shackles would be my first choice. It would be a good opportunity to add in gunpowder weapons, gunslingers and swashbucklers along with ship combat and building up your ship and island.

My other choice would be Tyrant’s Grasp. Undead, lots of undead :slight_smile:

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Hopefully not Skull and Shackles.

I can’t stand fantasy pirates.

How about having them as DLC campaigns?

I’d rather DLC be focused on enhancing the Wrath of the Righteous experience, rather than take place in an entirely new campaign in a new part of the world.

Every adventure path is a series of six linked modules going from first level to high teens, so compressing one into a DLC sounds like a huge waste.

Making one computer game out of ideas from both Hell’s Rebels and Hell’s Vengeance sounds interesting, but I’m not actually convinced that Hell’s Rebels would be any harder to justify an evil path in than Wrath of the Righteous itself is. “I don’t want Ravounel under the boot of House Thrune and Asmodeus” works for anyone who isn’t a Thrune loyalist or worshiper of Asmodeus.

I second this. You work with some unsavory people in Hell’s Rebels (ironically not the Hellknights, who are LG), and can do some rather questionable things in the name of freedom.

Hell’s Vengeance is the one that is required you be evil, or a really, really dark neutral at best. One if the APs’ first lines is “Paladins need not apply.”

I’d definitely have them as DLC under “other campaigns” - and their assets available for modding.

Owlcat aren’t going to make an at least six-part (not counting any chapters they decide to add) adventure path DLC for Wrath. It’d be like making Wrath a DLC for Kingmaker; each AP has enough content for a full game, not counting any original content that Owlcat decides to add. It’d be full game content, with a full game development cycle, and probably their own dedicated Kickstarter, for that game.

Or they could make significant improvements to the engine, including modding, and release multiple campaigns - like Bioware and Obsidian do.

We will probably see a small DLC “campaign” similarly to what Kingmaker offered with Varnhold’s Lot. But a fully fledged Adventure Path with 6+ modules? Nope, can’t see that one happening.

Not a good comparison. Baldur’s Gate’s expansions continued the story of its base game. Wrath of the Righteous has no ties to any other AP. The ones that take place the closest to it are Kingmaker and Iron Gods, but they take place in the River Kingdoms and Numeria respectively, not Mendev and the Worldwound.

I want my Wrath dlc to actually tie into Wrath, not be an entirely new AP.

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While owlcat hasn’t decided what the dlcs will be it won’t be an adventure path. My thoughts would be something like the legacy of the stonelords pathfinder society scenario which is a lost dwarven sky citadel located in the worldwound. There are also two connected scenarios that involve the search for the citadel.

Have you played NWN duology?

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I was actually thinking about NWN 1 and 2, and the custom modules.