Fun single classes in wotr?

What are some fun classes in wotr?

I thought about Wizard or Magus but hearing that there is a lot of resistances around has me concerned some.

I just want a character that is badass, that can maybe solo enemies if my entire party is unconcious.

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Casters don’t have a problem in WotR, you just need to invest in the necessary feats. If you take spell penetration + mythic spell penetration you won’t have a problem with spell resistance. If you take ascendant element, you will be able to hit stuff with that element. It’s just that this investment may not be worth it on a gish like the Magus, i.e. a Magus may be better off by concentrating on buffs and melee.

For strong builds, you’d need to choose a mythic path and a build that has good synergies with it, so which mythic path do you plan to play?

It seems like Cleric/Angel and Wizard/Lich are perfect matches.

But for Magus, what would a solid pick be there? Or for melee fighters in general

Have your party make the bad guys unconscious instead.

Yes, that’s optimal. More generally, you need to be a full divine resp. arcane caster, meaning Angel can also be an Oracle, Lich can also be a sorcerer.

I like the Azata for strength melee builds, because of the Incredible Might superpower. You can also be an Angel/Lich as a melee build, you’d still profit from the powers that you get.

The mythic path is not just about mechanics, it also sets a lot of the tone of the game in terms of quests, interactions etc. even the music that plays in your headquarters, so the choice should also fit what you would like to roleplay.


Another aspect beside the mythic path is what companions you get, and your overall party composition.

For example, you don’t get a bard or a skald, but multiple divine casters.

Aeon and Trickster can also work well with melee. They each have their own uniquely effective way of removing the prebuffs that are the only thing standing between you and wrecking face, and Aeon gives you access to the powerful Divine Self-buffs while Trickster gives you the illusion stuff like Mirror Image.

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Right, maybe one should say that melee does not really have a preferred mythic path. One would expect that to be Demon, but that’s just not very good at the moment.

Anyway, good single classes, beside Angel + Cleric or Lich + Wizard/Sorc:

  • Bard, is a good as in Kingmaker,
  • Skald, very strong if you bring multiple melee chars in your party,
  • Brown-Fur-Transmuter, transformation buffs are through the roof starting with 6th level spells,

Melee builds have a lot of options:

  • Sword Saint is still very strong, just as in Kingmaker,
  • Bloodrager Primalist, if you don’t bring a Skald (the rages don’t stack),
  • Mutation Warrior,
  • Slayer or Ranger builds work just as in Kingmaker, but have more options due to archetypes.

The Azata superpowers have good options for melee, party buffs and also spellcasters, so an Azata Brown-Fur-Transmuter is a thing, you don’t have to go Lich if you don’t want to be evil.

Here’s some ideas for you to consider (versus answers).

What is “fun” for you? Do you want to micromanage your character a lot (in which case a caster might make a lot of sense because they have a lot more options and you have to choose among them)? Do you want to NOT micromanage your character a lot–in which case an archer-type (ranged slayer, ranged fighter, etc.) might be a good fit because it requires little movement, little positioning, etc.

How important are companions and companion stories? If that is really important, you might want to pick your companions first and then build your PC around that party to fill gaps.

Is “fun” being really powerful? If it is, @Solaufein gives a pretty good run down of some options above. Obviously that’s not exhaustive, but I don’t think you’d go wrong with any of those.

Do you want a character that “looks” a certain way? Like plate armor and big swords, or tiny daggers, etc. Certain classes have an aesthetic that you might or might not like.

Do you like minion master playstyles or prefer to do your own fighting? The former might lean more towards a summoner class or ACs whereas the latter would not.

Finally, how good are you at building a character? I’d say that Magus is one of the more complex classes in the game. I’d say that Wizard is…less complex in some ways because you can always fix bad spell selection w/ scrolls (vs. say a sorcerer). Some classes are simpler than others (or to put that differently, some classes can really be screwed up by the player).


If you want a spellcaster that can solo stuff at least on core at least take something with a pet like Sylvan Sorcerer.

I guess spellcaster can solo stuff when you get to mythic levels and whatnot later, and their spells get better but early the’y’re not that great more like support.

Strong continuous single classes that generally want to stay pure and not overcomplicate multiclassing are Magus Sword Saint, Alchemist Vivesectionist, Alchemist Grenadier, Cleric Crusader (especially with animal+nobilty domains), Primalist, Instincual Warrior, Sohei, Sylvan Sorcerer, Kineticist (really really good-but limited to a single type of build/concept), Slayer (Arcane Anforcer - useful archetype)
If you go barbarian and stay mostly single if not instinctual warrior, go for the one with the pet (mad dog).

There are some other too, and a few classes I am less familiriar with like the witch and oracle as well - which are new in this game which do not seem to benefit too much if at all from multiclassing, but I have not seen enough of them yet as they are new.

LIKE ranger… can be good too as a single class, there are lots.

And last edit: while stuff like 20 level fighter / level 20 cavelier etc are great too…they’re also martial classes which means they have less critical scaling abilities then spellcasters or “specialty” classes…that’s why you’ll see more multiclassing with them in builds etc, they don’t necessery need those 20 levels and a lot of them come pretty front loaded with the best stuff in the first couple of levels.

Pure Fighter or Magus into Lich is really fun and death knight themed. You can suck the life out of everything in the room and then lay into them with a giant life stealing sword. It feels like playing a level 20 fighter stacked on top of a level 20 wizard without doing the legend path.

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Mutation Warrior Archer 20

While he cannot solo, he can certainly kill everything before that happen with his insanely high attack bonus and damage.

Shaman. I think out of all the classes this one offers the most variety and the widest skillset thanks to Wandering Spirit, Wandering Hex and a spell list which is literally a mix of every single spell list in the game. I have no idea how this particular interaction is implemented (probably poorly), but in theory you can even run around with the Wandering Spirit of Nature and the animal companion it grants, go into a dungeon with tight corridors and decide to switch the spirit and get something more fitting than a huge mastodon, and then just get it back the next day.


Which Magus subclass would be a better fit for Angel mythic path power-gaming-wise, Eldritch Scion or Sword Saint?

Also, can magus use spell combat with spells from the mythic spell books?


But powergaming this game consists in what team you put together more than just what class and how well the strengths of that team match the opportunities of each challenge.

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Just out of curiosity, could you throw a few ideas that work in plate armor?

aoen maybe or demon!

Since a magus should IMHO stick to buffing and melee, the Sword Saint is better suited to WotR. That does not mean that the Eldritch Scion cannot be a lot of fun.

Didn’t try that, but I would be very surprised if that was possible. The mythic spell book is a different spell book, why would it be?


He should not be able to, but I am pretty sure Magus is still bugged and has no restriction on spell book used for spellstrike.

For magus there are some “options” for helping with spell resistence:

  • Azata have a power that let u roll twice the spell penetration and chose the higher rolll,
  • Angels can modify their halo to lower enemies’ spell resistence
  • Liches have a power to make some of their spell bypass spell resistence.
    I think other paths have similar options too.

For melee, almost any path have some good options even angels and liches are good for melee.