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Do these forums not have a feature to simply like or agree with someone’s post? Can we only reply?

I second this question. It would be great to be able to “like” posts.

Also, can we get an option to change the color scheme?
White letters on black might be good for my eyes, but it’s a bit suspicious here at work (I know I shouldn’t, but it’s my risk, okay?).

I’ll ask the admins if there’s any way for them to implement different colour schemes and a like feature. Might take a while, though, as some users are still having login/registration problems, so those need to be fixed first. :-/

Also a different color scheme for the mobile version would be nice too.

It would be nice when I am at the bottom message to be able to go back to the top of the page. As of right now, I’m having to scroll all the way back up to the top of the page to go up a level in the forums.

It seems like the links to the user agreements are down. I couldn’t read any of them.

Collected and forwarded to the admins.

You mean these?
They all work fine for me.

I’ve poked the admins about a back to top button.
Regarding colour schemes, I’ve been told I’m gonna have to create those. They’ll give me the power to do that sometime next week, probably Tuesday. Sooo… guess I’m gonna have to figure out how to do that in a few days.

There’s no like or upvote feature right now and to be perfectly honest with you, we’re not massively keen on adding them.

This comment would have my upvote. >.>

That’s unfortunate. Not having a ‘like’ or ‘agree’ function leads to people using posts to say they agree with or like something someone else posted, which leads to massive post-bloat within threads.

I agree. :wink:

well, true.

But it may also lead to someone explaining things / their reason to agree, unlike the ‘like’ button.

It would be nice to have some automatic spam filter features implemented into these forums as a measure against spambots. I slowly get the feeling that those things currently show up at least five times a week. >_>

Believe me, I don’t enjoy getting my personal mailbox flooded with spam reports and having to delete all this garbage every week… I’ve made our admins aware of it…

Was actually trying to see if there is some “easy” way to report if user think there is a spammer who do not know/care from this game but offer something totally different.

For easy way I mean button to press and report moderators for that kind of message (I have high reasons to suspect one person with 16 messages as spam bot). Now I have kind of fear that if I try to report every post with details (user, where post it, what is written in it, when it is done and so on) that: a) I am not onlyone to report it (and moderator have his mailbox full all the time when 1000+ current and future users ALL send pm telling same info) b) it take huge amount of time. Maybe I could use url for every “spam” message but still using just “report this post for moderators” button would be more handy.

If you look under the posts, on the left there is a grey triangle with an exclamation mark. If you click that, you can report posts.

I used that for Spam.

Ah, yeah. For me this forum is white text in total black background. That little image is more of grey in black so did not see it before. Sorry for these 2 messages… …my mistake totally. :oops:

Ahh to have young eyes again LOL