For fans of expertly written and utterly emotional stories, and not afraid of other genres: Persona 5 Royal!

Disclaimer first: Yes, it’s currently PS4-exclusive (though rumours of PC port are alive & kicking), and yes it’s a JRPG, not a cRPG, and yes, it also plays on some of the JRPG classic tropes, BUT:

Persona 5 Royal is the extended and heavily polished version of the original Persona 5, which came out 3 years ago, and thus the successor to an already insanely high quality game, that amazingly still manages to outshine the original by such a large margin that it is a real joy even for people like me who’d already put over 200 hours in the original.

It features insanely well-written storylines both for the main arc as well as most all of your confidants (social contacts that can range from acquaintances to friends to lovers), a visual style that is the embodiment of “stylish”, and most impressively, it really knows how to play with your emotions, how to approach highly philosophical and ethical questions, without it ever feeling cheesy or gimmick-y in the slightest.

Here’s also a tweet I just posted, convienently containing a link to the publisher’s account and thus further information on the game in question:

For anyone currently owning a PS4, this is a must play if you value narrative-driven games, if you can approach a, in many regards, very japanese game with an open mind (obviously the style and “feel” is meant by that, the game does have a full and very high quality english dub and text localisation).

If you don’t currently own a PS4 and have the means to buy one: do it, this game alone is worth the price of admission easily, plus you’d also get other amazing games, such as Horizon Zero Dawn (which is also said to come to PC soon-ish, however).

Anyhow, P5R is easily one of the best games I have ever played, and I’ve been a gamer since 1995.

Completely through now: 144 hours and 28 minutes of pure excellence!