Favorite Metamagic - Selective / Persistent missing

Hello all,

on the list of options for:

  • Mythic Abilities → Favorite Metamagic
  • Shaman → Metamagic Secret

… both Selective and Persistent Spells are omitted / missing as can be seen below.

The Shamans list also omitts / is missing the Bolstered Spells Metamagic option.

Please fix these lists and include all missing options as seen below.


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Is it a bug? Still true.

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The Shaman one is 100% a bug just when reading its description, which states no restriction on the selectable Metamagic Feat.

Selective and Persistent Metamagics were only added later than the other ones but Owlcat never included them in the Shamans Metamagic Secret. Bolstered is somehow missing too.

As for the Favorite Metamagic, its description also doesnt exclude any particular choice and it includes Bolstered that the Shaman lacks for no apparent reason. They are both bugs, really.

However, it does make sense that the Tricksters Completely Normal Spell Metamagic isnt part of the list. All the other ones should be.

Patch 1.3.6d:
Classes & Mechanics
Favorite Metamagic now allows to take Favorite Metamagic — Selective;

While Selective, as seen below, can now be taken with Favorite Metamagic, Persistent remains omitted.

While not being part of the Patch Notes, all 3 of: Selective, Persistent and Bolstered have been added to the list of Shaman’s Metamagic Secret as seen below.

This means that from the list of bugs at hand, only Persistent Spell is missing as an option for Favorite Metamagic.