Fan going overdrive on game load

Platform: Alienware Aurora R9, dual NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 video cards

Do you have any mods? No

Please explain the issue is in as much detail as possible:

This issue only happens with Pathfinder: Kingmaker. All other games run with no problems. On launching game, the fans in my computer go into overdrive. One of the two NVIDIA graphics cards begins heating up quickly, going from ~36c to over 50c in about 15-20 seconds. On exiting the game, the fan returns to normal and the temperature drops back down.

I have tried reducing the graphic settings to lowest in-game but does not help. I’ve tried changing settings in NVIDIA Control Panel to limit the max frame rate to 60 fps because I’ve read some others had success with that, but does not help me.

Any other ideas to solve? Game is unplayable right now without potential damage to the computer. Again, reiterating that I play much bigger, much more graphic intensive games without this problem. It only happens with Pathfinder: Kingmaker, unfortunately.

My 3080 peaks about 53°C on both kingmaker and wotr. Pretty much the same as for every other game I play. Fans going into overdrive has nothing to do with the game but everything to do with your fan curve. In fact, my 3080’s fans don’t even start until I reach 50c. Is it just the fan noise thats creeping you out? Unity is an engine that’s known to be a lot more resource consuming than it should be, but what you describe does not sound dangerous or problematic at all…the game needs resources and your main 2070 delivers them (cause rtx 2xxx series dual SLI works with a main card and a secondary card, not really leveraging both card’s resources). Not trying to be a dick or anything, just triying to understand the issue to hopefully help you out :slight_smile: but i can tell you 50c is NOTHING for a video card. Absolutely nothing. Throttle does not even kick in until you reach the 90c mark, and a healthy working temp for any chip at load is 70c. Anything bellow that you have no cause for concern.

Appreciate the comments. The fan is very noisy and I’ve been worried about letting the heat keep on rising, not knowing where it’ll stop. It’s just bizarre that this game is causing the fans to go full blast when no other games do not. Would like to understand what’s causing it and a way to stop it.

I’ll do some reading about temps though, thanks for the tip. Maybe it’s ok and I’ll just have to live with the fan noise if I want to play this game. Or perhaps I can find a way to quiet the fan, if it isn’t going full blast to save the video card from killing itself.

Most GPU monitoring software will tell you exactly how much the fans are blowing. IF your gpu fans are going at 100% then you may have an issue. Are you 100% sure the noise you hear is from the actual fans on the gpu and not case fans? What is your CPU usage and temp when loading the game?

I don’t know which fans are blowing. What I do know is that this game causes some fans to blow like crazy in my computer and no other game does this. It’s bizarre.

Oddly, sometimes the fan(s) blow crazy, other times they don’t. Occasionally, when I start the game the fans are just as quiet as they are on any other game I play. But most of the time they start blowing the second I hit play in Steam.

I love the game, I’ve played almost 550 hours on it on two different systems. I never had a fan issue on the older system I replaced about a year and bit ago. But this high-end machine has an issue with this game. Again, no other game has any trouble, any fan blowing like crazy. Just Pathfinder. Bizarre.

I have the exactly same problem, my PC can run games much more intense than Pathfinder WOTR however with this game the funs just run wild