Exclusive RPG/CRPG player or not

So far, we have
crpgs (it’s hard to define what’s exactly crpg in narrow theme, so leave that out)
dungeon crawlers
roguelikes like Tangledeep
turn based rpgs
party based rpgs (Trials of Mana, Final Fantasy, Atelier Ryza)
action rpgs
hack and slashers
roleplaying adventures (disco, Ghost of a Tale)
some rpgs with multiple terms in them

  • crpg fan only
  • all kind of rpgs rocks
  • some rpgs fan
  • I don’t usually play rpgs
  • JRPG I usually play

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Where are you?

srpg (Japanese term (simulation (it means turn-based strategy)))
drpg (ditto (dungeon (I think this means both Rogue and Wizardry, somehow)))
rts rpg (huhu)
blober (party based first person dungeon crawl (rt or tb okay))

Yeah, there really are too many subgenres.
Even crpg has a lot of mechanical variations. Eschalon plays mechanically like Rogue but is very inspired by Ultima. So I think most would call it crpg.

I can not vote really but I try to open up my thoughts on this one:

In RPG / LARP / Tabletop genre I prefer more of fantasy or horror kind of games, for example:
D&D (red box), AD&D 2:nd edition, D&D 3, 3.5, Pathfinder. Runequest, Rolemaster, Kult, Call of Cthulhu, Vampire the Masquerade, Warhammer Fantasy RPG.One quite huge exeption make Battletech / Mechwarrior RPG/tabletop games.

In computer games: I have liked most games like Bard’s Tale, MechForce, Champions of Krynn, Eye of Beholder, Dungeon Master kind of titles in Amiga times (around 90’s).
Bit later games like Baldur’s Gate, Diablo, HoMM, Total Annihilation: Kingdoms and so on.

Now days I play mostly in PC games like: Pathfinder Kingmaker, Battletech, Total War games (lately Total War: Warhammer I & II), Red Dead Redemption II, Majesty Gold, Total Annihilation Kingdoms, Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Sure games like Evil Genius or Secret of Monkey Island were allso great.

So I can not really put my finger on only one type of RPG in computer, console, P&P, LARP or tabletop games. Some are kind of far from roleplaying (action rpg games) but there are allso many games I did not like so much even if they are in genre. Most multiplayer games come in mind like Pathfinder Online. I just prefer more of singleplayer games or atleast hope there is a change to play game alone if I want to (like Diablo or NWN) so multiplayer is not forced for you.

My favourite type would probably be Third/First Person Open World Survival Craft Sandbox Dark Fantasy/Horror/Cosmic Horror/Psychological Horror Exploration Singleplayer J/A/RPG’s in Real-Time (both with and without Pause). Bonus points if they take place underwater, in outer space, or on an alien planet without humans around. That’s the gist of it, I think. Or somesuch.

I tend to enjoy tabletop RPGs more than CRPGs just because my gaming group has a few good GMs and so there is more freedom for players to creatively approach situations. Also, dialogue in CRPGs can be limiting if your character concept doesn’t match any of the potential options.

Tabletop RPGs first and foremost.
Then, when I don’t have anything else to do, which is quite often, I play video games. Of those, cRPGs are among my favorites, but I also like some Dungeon Crawls, action RPGs.
I’ve never been able to getting interested in JRPGs like the FF series or the many other franchises in that style. Don’t really like Rogue-style games either. And not a big MMORPGs fan either.

I was thinking about it and I realized that what I like best are create-a-party turned-based tactics rpgs on a grid. So games like Knights of the Chalice, D&D Tactics, and gold box. Now if only there was one of those with the consumable based gameplay of Swordflight.

My next favorite would probably be create-a-character real-time first-person rpgs. So Daggerfall, Amulets & Armor, etc. Third-person is also good, like Bloodlines (well combat) and Alpha Protocol.

The only RtwP games I really got into are Neverwinter Nights and The Sith Lords.

I used to be into Roguelikes, but the one that I like the most is Stone Soup.

I’d say that I enjoy making my own characters first and foremost. Why, in this current renaissance, has there not been a spiritual successor to Icewind Dale?

I mostly play RPGs. Used to be only classic, old-school RPGs, but because I like RTwP and strongly dislike TB, and hardly any contemporary old-school RPGs are being made with RTwP, I have increasingly branched out to action RPGs. As much as I love the old-school, party-based RPG, I’d much rather play a RT(wP) action RPG than a TB old-school RPG. I’m now even considering first-person shooter-type RPGs (The Outer Worlds, Cyberpunk 2077), something I would have never considered a few years ago, because TB RPGs just plain suck.

I also play a few strategy games and also wargames.

I enjoy all kinds of RPGs and pretty much every genre out there except Fighting games, that’s the only genre that I do not understand at all.

I get that, I just can’t even with fighting games. I like the idea of them though. Also, I love RTS, but can’t play them at all.

@kanisatha what RTwP games have you played? I’ve heard Serpent in the Staglands is rather good, although it does expect you keep notes on quests and such. It’s older, but Freedom Force seems great.

As for Action games, there are lots of great ones out there, I’m currently playing through Amulets & Armor as a Knight. Janky yet fun. Alpha Protocol has a lot of fun C&C, but if you hate Morrowind due to missing, probably won’t like AP.

Actually, right now, my go-to games to replay are PoE1, PoE2, and P:Km. On the ARPG side I really loved Witcher 3, and also like DA:I. Skyrim not so much. The thing is, I’m also further limited in what games I enjoy by heavily preferring fantasy genre games. I’m open to sci-fi, historical, or contemporary settings, but don’t really like how game mechanics plays out with guns or lasers. The flip side of that is I don’t have a lot of time to play games because I’m an older gamer and there’s real life to deal with. So I’m not looking for a lot of games; just a few really good games. :slight_smile: