Equilibrium of Chaos bugged

In the Midnight-Isles-Chapter the quest “Equilibrium of Chaos”: after speaking with Zeklex and Mielarah (also Areelu Vorlesh) and then trying to start judging them while speaking with Nocticula the quest does not continue.

She says “Well, aeon. Entertain me.” After that nothing happens. If i want to continue through the portal it says if i don´t finish the quest i can´t continue on the aeon-mythic-path… i can´t find any solution to this on the net… Even tried to finish the quest with the MOD “ToyBox”. I can kinda finish the quest with it. But after i go trough the Portal it still says i have failed it.

I hope someone can help me with this.

a) Numerous bugs are caused by mods, so I suggest uninstalling your mods, verifying the integrity of the game files, and reloading to a point before you get that quest.

b) It could be bugged (many things are in 2.0.3i even without mods), but it also sounds like you’re not certain how the quest is intended to progress. Essentially, you need to present your judgement to Nocticula about enough people. In my run, I judged Mielarah but failed to judge Zeklex (he was dead). You can also judge Xarra, and I think others are possible depending on how your game progresses. Xarra can be found in the Lower City - eastern corner by the ocean.

c) After judging enough people, the quest should update telling you to go talk to the mirror. Do so to complete the quest.

a) i just installed the mod after everything else failed. So i tried first without mod and than (after reading about it) with mod.

b) Xarra vanished after i convinced her to give up her child. Zeklex and Mielarah are alive and i already spoke to them. Now im standing right in front of Nocticula. The Conversation goes like this:

Me: “There are some in your city who must be condemned for breaking the law of the Abyss, as well as the cosmic order. You must judge them.”
Nocticula: “You don´t say […] What gives you the right to tell me whom to judge”
4 answers. 1 chaotic one will fail the quest. Saying “I am an Aeon […]” and then “I´m ready to judge.” will get her saying
Nocticula: “[…] Are you prepared to give me the names”
Then i can call out Areelu Vorlesh, Zeklex and Mielarah.
Me: “I´ve said all the names. Let the trials begin!”
Nocticula: "Well, aeon. Entertain me.”
The Dialogue closes. and nothing happens.
My questbook isn´t updatet (it states i have to judge Zekles and Mielarah)
Choosing different variations of names isn´t helping. When i speak to her again after that, that path of conversation is not available anymore…

i think theres something not triggering that should…

The trials should begin after the “Well, aeon. Entertain me” line. It starts with an extremely short cut scene, and I’ve heard that you can sometimes skip bugged cut scenes. (Space? Maybe enter??) Might be a bug (and cutting out without giving another option to begin the trials seems off), but there’s another tunnel to explore …

How have the Minagho and Chivarro stories progressed?

Link to the point in my game where I named those to be judged (this was one of the 1.1 versions). Starts at about the 9:20 mark:

Thank you ForkOfSpite for your suggestions.

I finished the Minagho story (killing her). Chivarro failed because i didn´t went through the whole process with Camellia. But i don´t think that matters. it should have triggered like it has in your video. And there was no possibility to trigger it afterwards.

So in the end i used the ToyBox to trigger and finish the event (also the one with “look in a mirror”). After that i disabled the Mod again and went on with the game. Luckily the Quest was seen as completed and a little bit later i could also gain a new mythic level. So for me there was a workaround. But when googling it there were others with the same problem and no other solution than the way i did it…

i am just happy i could go on with the game (thanks to MODS…)

I absolutely don’t know any of this for certain - just a theory.

I think Minagho and Chivarro can potentially be judged (demons aren’t supposed to actually fall in love). If you hadn’t yet killed Chivarro, the game might not have eliminated that option yet. Maybe that causes the bug.