Enough is enoguh....im fed up now

I’ve been very happy playing it since day one, bugs, crashes, and all. I don’t know what to tell you.
It’s annoying, but I also fully realized this is the sad state of gaming

Never had these problems with the gameing industry back in the beging of it all. Every game i got for my C64, C128, IBM 12mghz etc, worked outa the box. Came with hard bound manuals, beautiful maps, and such. Patches wern’t a thing yet on the internet etc. Over the years things changed, in the industry.

welcome to now?

nobody is saying it doesn’t suck, but that’s the reality of it.

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Spoiler alert. When you get to Irovetti’s castle. You can’t save, cough, sneeze or even look at someone sideways. The game crashes harder than an intoxicated driver attempting to go 120mph on a busy highway.

I’m all up for being patient and all. But this game doesn’t seem to have gotten any kind of play testing on Xbox. Fire all the people who pretended to be in charge of testing. These bugs are so apparent. Even Stevie wonder could spot them from a mile away.

How can one be patient when there is no ETA on when a fix is going to come? I was happy when I heard this was coming to console, I pre-ordered, marked my calendar and agonized each day till it dropped… And I’ve continued agonizing each day since. Game would crash, and I’ll shrug it off because I could try to save again. I just spent an hour trying and failing at saving at Irovetti’s. Spend 5 minutes booting up game
Spend 10 minutes in combat
Spend 5 minutes praying to Norgorber that the game saves this time.
Spend 1 minute watching the game try to save an fail.
Spend 2 minutes just…
Spend 2 minutes talking myself into repeating the process.

So yeah, I’m very patient. I wrote this whole post! So I can’t play the game. I’m stuck in a loop, so don’t tell me about patience. This game has been out for a while. Crashes and frame rate drops should have been fixed by now. But I bet they have just 2 people working in that. Because they took our money already and aren’t offering refunds. Come here everyday with PR-speak, that we’re doing our best.


Could be worse I guess… With the issues that Pathfinder is having I decided to go back to playing Pillars of Eternity 2 on my PS4.
Big mistake…
It came out in January and is still having game breaking issues and the company that ported it, Versus Evil, are nigh impossible to get in contact with, their Discord for bug reports has been deleted, and the patch notes are vague AF.

At least Owlcat is out here letting us know what’s happening and telling us where they’re at with the patches.
Imagine having a game out for 9 months and removing all aspects of communication with your players despite the fact that game still doesn’t work correctly.

I’ll admit I was pretty furious with the way that Pathfinder released but I’m taking solace in the fact that at least they’re keeping us up to date and communicating with us.

There’s a new update from the Devs for anyone that’s interested


Because I am giving the game a bit of a break its made me really look forward to diving back in, probably next month. Hopefully with a patch or two and a fresh start I will finally be able to play this without any further trouble

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I’ve done what I should have done a month ago, I moved on! Playing Genshin Impact now and love to play game that is zero % downtime and all about playing. And it’s not for lack of trying on my side. I played PF:K till late Act 8 (House of dreams), but the many many many crashes, save fails, choppiness and the boring and seemingly endless stream of repetitive fights, finally made me cave in … Wish I’d done it sooner!


I’m getting the patch and am gonna give it another try, I just pray things are better

Nope, as I thought, still a mess, we’ve been patient far too long. This is truly unacceptable now


Agree Gizz, every patch it just causes something else.


I have to admit: I am slowly running out of patience.

The last patch didn’t fix any of the major issues - even added new ones. And now we can wait another 2-4 weeks until another patch comes out?

I’m currently at Pitax Castle, the framerate is not good at all, saving a game takes an eternity and there’s a good chance, that the game will crash, when I try to save a game. At least my saves are not corrupted yet, but It’s probably just a matter of time.

I won’t be buying any of their games again. Pretty shameful


Same, will not purchase another game from them. Hope that any future games from them stick to PC and off console.

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This game is technically a disgrace. Such a shame since if it worked fine it would probably be one of my favourite games of all time. But it has simply become impossible to continue. Constantly crashing, especially when saving which means losing progress all the time. I am talking of 5/6 blue screen per hour of playing time. The fact that only a very limited number of saves can be kept only makes it worse. In almost 30 years of gaming I have never seen something quite like this. I’ve played some very bad ports (Pillars of Eternit 2, Wastelands 2 and Kingdome Come Deliverance come to mind) but nothing even comes closer to this outrageous mess of a game. Three patches on and the only thing that has been resolved is at least saves don’t get corrupted any more, It is truly is unacceptable to sell a product with so many issues and I honestly doubt they will ever be able to fix. Very close to unistalling it and moving on as this has been the most excruciating and frustating gaming experience Ive ever had.

Funny I decided to give it one more go…Armag’s tomb, after the Zorek conversation. Got killed versus Armag the first time so I reloaded my save, rested and decided to retry the fight. Now the door to the room where Armag is is permanently locked and no way of opening it…I guess it’s a new bug I’ve never encountered before…Lost few hours of progress due to the fact that it is only possible to keep a very limited number of saves. Definitely time to unistall this game and move on.

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Such a shame, I’m really tempted to just try one last time

I hear you brother… in the end I decided to again give it a go tonight and finally managed to finish the Twice Born Warlord quest. No matter how many times this game kicks me in the face, I just cant help but come back for more. Its just soo good when everything works fine. Kinda reminds me of some girls I had in the past :grinning: :grinning:
Prob my fav game of all time if not for the technical issues. Btw have you thought about saving on a USB stick and deleting on the console, it has helped me a lot with being able to progress thru all the bugs crashes and issues with saving space

I’ve caved in and started again from scratch. Deleted all my old saves so let’s see how it goes this time

Why? The game is not going to magically fix itself. “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…”
I just started playing BG again, maybe by the time I’m finished this one will be in playable state.