Enough is enoguh....im fed up now

First of all let me say that when the game is working its an absolute joy, but there is no escaping the fact the game is in a shambolic state on the xbox one, ive started the game again from scratch for the THIRD time and yet again the game is unplayable

I made a post before about the seeds of sorrow quest which i had a bug in as Tristian didn’t appear at the hospital so i was always stuck, there was no way to talk to him, even in act two he was just stuck on the bed at olegs. i was 23 hours in

So i decided to start again, rushed through on easy to get to where i was and made sure i recruited tristain in act 1 , and thankfully seeds of sorrow was ok this time. Got to the quest at sorrowfall getting the disc, but after retrieving it the dialogue just froze, so restarted it from just before the fight with the gargoyle, but all my group was with me even though its just a two character mission, and the mission was listed as complete, but the were no exits of the map? loaded earlier saves and the same thing happened. Had put 12 hours in and decided to try one last time

Now i am 10 hours in and everytime i load any of my saves, all the quests i had completed, say the night before, were all in my quest log again, even though i had the loot from the battles etc, so basically every quest i do, when i load up my xbox next day i have to do them all again as they are listed as incomplete

I give up

This really really is unacceptable, to have so many game killing bugs
Ironically i emailed the devs after my first 15 hours saying what an amazing game it was and well done, never done that before in my 30 years of gaming
I feel like i have wasted 40 pounds
i am uninstalling it now and never touching it again

What a waste, it could have been so good


I Understand your anger and let me say first i appreciate the way u write things down and argue instead of blaming randomly other people or wishing them death. I cant deny the mistakes and i dont want to order u around, but i ask to keep vigilant and look here in the forum from time to time so maybe in the future others will tell that Owlcatgames have found all mistakes and xboc version does great. I woud be sad if people miss the opportunity to play this amazing game completely because then they cant have the time of their life like i did for 300 h.
In the meanwhile wait for Baldurs gate 3, mate. Things will work out in the future GL

Yea that’s horrible but the great thing about this game IS the replayability so just be patient Owlgames is doing their best. Hang in there for the time. I haven’t played in about 4 days now but anxiously waiting all the same.

What’s this be patient crap, they released a unplayable game and aren’t offering refunds, they cheated their customers. Dont be such a simp and stand up for your rights, they took your money and gave you a broken product. They aren’t good guys, they aren’t trying either, any company that remotely cares about their customers will make sure their product works before selling it, they should have their game removed from the Xbox and ps stores and taken off store shelves.


man i totally agree with you… tbh they just robbed us its very simple and these ppl still says be patient wtf i didnt give a pre order, i bought a game on release date and it is broken unplayable . i requested a refund and they said it is not broken and game is working.


Yep they are 100% crooks, when pc had this many game breaking bug in release they had like 14 updates out in a month, it’s been weeks and we haven’t even had 1

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Please accept our sincere apologies for the bugs and issues you are facing. I assure you our team is working hard on fixing everything as soon as possible. Sadly patching on the consoles takes more time than it was on PC, as the procedure for the approval takes longer. This is not an attempt to shift the blame, just something we weren’t expecting, because it’s our first console port. I understand how frustrating it is when you can’t continue playing because of bugs. But I ask you to be patient with us. We respect our players, we want you to have the best possible experience with our game, and we are doing everything to deliver that experience to you as soon as possible. I hope that eventually you will give our game one more chance and will be able to enjoy it as it was intended.


Do you have a patch submitted currently? If so when was it submitted? Microsoft is usually decent at funneling them through.

Yes we do. I’ll check on the status of our patches tomorrow (it’s late in our time zone right now), and get back to you. I hope you are right, and this patch will get to you fast!

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It’s ok saying be patient but this game should not have been released in this state surely?
I appreciate its a complex massive game but the thort of having to do act 1 for the fourth time is too much
I’ve never run into such a bug ridden game in 30 years and my money is wasted
Companies should released games when they are ready, not before

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Normally I’d be pissed at you guys but this game has so much ambition poured into it. You guys have truly made a game for the hardcore player. I hope we don’t have to wait long for the sequel to port!

In my Opinion even the greatest companies and heroes make mistakes and i kinda feel like it woud be unfair to stop playing the game and calling Owlcatgames jerks.If there are some big problems with consoles, i dont know about them, if there are some problems with Covid around, i dont know about them. The only thing i know is that PFK is one of the best games i played so far, so I KNOW u will fix console version , but it takes time.

I have great respect for owlcats talents, and I am not calling them names or anything but please please try and sort this out because I would love to go back and start again, I just think this cannot have been playtested thoroughly which I don’t think is right


Dear gizzgillyon, and other players with the same feelings. Such as Spedgie1 and sabelis. Your frustration is reasonable and understandable. And we’re not trying to say that we did nothing wrong, the game is good as it is, or you should be forgiving and patient. We failed big - the game is almost unplayable, a lot of people are upset and disappointed with the release. Us included. But please understand that the only thing we can do now as a developers’ studio is to fix the game as soon and effectively as we can. We can’t provide “14 updates out in a month” when it takes 15 days for Microsoft to approve and upload even the very first patch. We can’t “remove the game from the Xbox and PS stores” since it’s out of our control - it’s for the publisher and Stores to decide. We can’t even provide refunds since we don’t handle any payments - again, it’s performed by the Stores and publisher company.
So the one and only thing we can do to solve the situation is - work hard and fix everything we can, which is exactly what we’re doing right now. We can’t do anything else.
And while we’re doing it, we can offer only a very few options for our players and fans:

  1. Try to play the game and provide us with the maximum info about the issues and bugs, so we could fix those faster. There are plenty of issues that we can’t reproduce at our side, and it’s hard to fix something we can’t even see. So the more information we have, the faster the game will become what it is supposed to be.
  2. Try to play the game a little with existing workarounds, being aware that there are troubles and game experience might be spoiled.
  3. Don’t play the game and wait for a few patches to arrive. Consider it as if the game is not available yet.
  4. If you’re fed up, angry, sad, disappointed, hate our guts - contact me personally. I will try to discuss each personal refund request with a publisher if there are issues requesting refunds from the store. But please be aware that it wouldn’t be an easy process, and I can’t tell you for sure how long the negotiations with the publisher will take. Maybe the game will be fixed even before that.

Angry messages help no one - the developers get discouraged and work worse, you get your mood worsened even more. Again, we deeply apologize for the ruined game experience, and we want to thank everyone who acts with understanding. We can’t emphasize how greatly we appreciate all the help from players that report bugs and provide details.


Yes, you are absolutely right. The game should have been playtested more. We expected the publisher to take the lead in that; the publisher supposedly expected us to do that. All that miscommunication led us to where we are now and will serve as a lesson. But it’s impossible to turn back time and do things differently. So now, the only things left are: apologize, fix the game to the best of our abilities, and do everything we can to not disappoint our players anymore.


Thank you
I don’t really want a refund as I am sure it will be playable at some point in the future. I just wish the game wasn’t so damn addictive.
I will try and wait for a patch or two
I personally am not angry at owlcat, I think they’re a mega talented bunch. It’s a testament to the games greatness when it’s working of how badly I want to play this. If it had been rubbish I would have moved on long ago

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Looks like my varnholds lot playthrough is bugged now

may not help but im mainly doing beneath the shadowland runs (always loved rogue back in the day) and roaming around the country side in main game causing trouble (ignoring main campaign etc just exploring) while waiting for fixes and am having tonnes of fun

the gameplay and implementation of the ruleset is excellent
and ofcourse there hasnt been any real d&d games for over a decade
nwn2 2006 (storms of zehir expansion 2008?) so im still happy i must admit
its no excuse but hey i can finally play d&d as a video game again!

ive also never known developers to be so prominent on their forums before (not that i use many forums, probs state of decay one/yose is the only other i can think of) so im pretty confident they care about their game and will fix it in due time (fingers crossed)

Am I disappointed most definitely because it’s a good game but unplayable. This is my first run with owlcat after someone was like you loved baldurs gate so you’ll love all of this and I did. All I ask is don’t give us the business fluff actually show us that you’re fixing the problem. What would it cost you to cut a five minute video showing developers hard at work insuring us that we are being heard. Formally address your patrons because we rushed to stores or to our consoles and spent our hard earned money believing you were delivering a good product. Thank you to the moderators and everyone else for doing damage control but I believe we need to get a glimpse at what this patch has fixed for all the console users.

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It is very frustrating but we must be patient