End turn PS4 touchpad not working right in 1.05


Firstly let me say that WotR is so much better and less buggy than Kingmaker for me. I have been playing happily with only 2 crashes so far. Load times are much improved. Really enjoying it.

Since just updating to 1.05 (on PS4) the touchpad now opens the Journal rather than ending the character turn. This is turn based mode.

Very annoying. The icon in the lower left of screen still shows touchpad for end turn. I am assuming/hoping this is just a minor bug that slipped through testing that can be fixed. Having to back out of the Journal every character end turn because it pops up incorrectly is really annoying.

Please fix. Otherwise this is another Owlcat game destined for the shelf never to be played again :frowning:


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I’m also on playstation and have the same issue sometimes, it still ends the turn after opening and closing the journal, other times it works as intended. So it is ok for now, at least I can play the game again after being stuck in blackwater for 3 weeks due to a bug. :slight_smile:

Every time I end a turn here. Press touch pad. Journal opens. Circle closes Journal.
So not a one off issue. Multiple times every end turn every battle.

The touchpad bug brings up the journal whenever you press it, not just combat.

E.g. go to inventory, press touchpad to order your items, journal opens instead. If you close the journal, it closes your inventory too, so you can’t actually order the items anymore.

That makes it even worse. Without sorting it is broken. Here’s hoping we get a 1.06.
For now it goes back on the shelf :frowning: That’s a shame, I was enjoying this one.

Same issue and usually closing app solves the problem but it quickly returns.

Closing app as in quitting out back to the main PS4 screen and restarting and loading the last save?

Yeah, quiting completely and restarting and loading the last saves fixes that issue for me for about ~30-60 minutes. Then it comes back. It seems most of the UI issues on PS, touchpad = journal, R3 menus showing up behind instead of in front, duplicated party lists, etc… can be temporarily fixed by quiting the game completely. This makes me think they are some sort of memory leak issue

It also opens the journal when switching from moving my character on the campaign map to moving my armies on the crusade map

Yep, reported this bug on here about a week ago and still no fix

I find this issue commonly, where the journal pops on turn end as well. Sadly, I remedy it the same way I do every crash or bug I’ve gotten. Shut down game, restart console, and load most recent save and try again. That usually works, but it does get annoying having to do that.

I get about two hours of play with no or minor issues, so I make it a point to have 4-5 save games (not auto or quick) that I often use as check points to go back to, and one that is always used as a save every few minutes while going through a zone.

Just a quick post to say the problem has been fixed in the 1.06 patch.
Thanks to all who got it out so fast, especially for a PS4 patch.
Really enjoying the game. A good challenge and had a lot of fun so far.