End of support?

I read somewhere that owlcat has no righst for kingmaker anymore.
Does that mean there is no hope that the great QoL changes from Wrath will be back implemented in the first game?

I started Kingmaker after may Wrath run, I love this game but it would have been great if we could have the improvement from the successor.

Unless Owlcat and the publisher of Kingmaker strike a new deal/contract, or unless the old publisher allows Owlcat to modify the game, the current answer is Kingmaker is stuck in its current state (which is very good on PC now, but has major issues on consoles, mostly related to memory and size of save files).

That said, I played Kingmaker on PC with the mod to rotate camera for example. (and with the turn-based mod until Owlcat officially implemented turn-based to Kingmaker, which works with minor glitches one can adapt to [i.e. always move to touch range *before* doing a touch spell]).

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Thanks for the info, I feared as much.

I am playing on PC and have to agree that the state here is very good, there are just so many kittle things missing when you go back from Wrath. Camera, Item sorting, etc.

Would love to see them getting back the rights and add this stuff… while also adding new classes and races. :grinning:

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