Eldritch Scoundrel Build - Looknig for input

I’m looking to do a pure Eldrtich Scoundrel build and I wanted to poke the brains of the community about it. I am leaning towards either human or dhampir and I will go with two-weapon fighting (TWF).

So here is what I got so far.
Ability scores in order:
10 / 18 / 14 / 16 / 10 / 10

1: TWF (Double Slice, if human)
2: Slippery Mind (dex to Will)
3: Weapon Focus + Finesse Training Shortsword
5: Blind Fight
7: Outflank
8: Improved TWF
9: ???
11: ??? / Finesse Training: Rapier
12: Dispelling Attack
13: ???
15: Greater TWF
16: Double Injury
17: ???
19: ???

ES has access to echolocation, so I dunno if blind fight is worth it. I’d probably take kukris over rapier and short sword. As they will not compete with Camellia (or, anyone else) for gear and there are some great ones in game.

Take double debilitation at 11. It scales up really fast and is probably a rogues best feature.

I’d probably take weapons focus, dazzling display and shatter too. And, of course improved critical kukri.

Wearying and weakening strikes are nice too.

Also, you have no strength bonus, so is double slice worth it? You’ll likely want to take mythic finesse for dex to damage.

Any idea what mythic you’re taking?

In Kingmaker, Blind Fight also made you immune to most gaze attacks passively, which I don’t think that spell does. It’s just a really handy immunity.

Double Slice works off of dex if you have finesse training, hence shortswords at lvl 3. And I heard Mythic Finesse was bugged, though that might be wrong. Also seems like a waste of a mythic feat on a Rogue, given that they get Finesse training.

Isn’t Double Delibiration an Advanced Rogue Talent and not a feat? That would mean at 12 or 16.

As for mythic, I was thinking Aeon for the story reasons. Seem interesting. I’m just going to play on normal difficulty.

Echo acts the same way blind fight does. (At least it has. Unless this changed)

I don’t have the game in front of me now. But, doesn’t double slice just add STR modifier to your offhand attack?

Finesse adds dex to attack, not damage. Hence you needing slashing or fencing grace,. Or, in the case of a rogue, mythic finesse.

Double debilitation as your first rogue talent is what I was getting at.

Slippery mind will be good early on, but you’ll be immune to compulsions as an Aeon, too.

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In that case, I might skip the feat. But then, freeing up a spellslot for the passive benefit seems good too.

Double slice adds your full ability score modifier, regardless of whether it is str or dex. I’ve tried this in both Kingmaker and WotR. If you have an agile dagger, for example, it will use the full dex mod.

Weapon Finesse (feat) adds dex to hit in place of str. Finesse Training, which is a Rogue class feature at lvl 3, 11 and 18, lets you use dex for damage with selected weapon categories. This is why taking 3 levels of Rogue makes sense on a lot of dex builds.

Ahh, training. My bad. I’d still focus on kukris though, personally.

Didn’t realize that double slice would add the full dex modifier. Good to know.

If you’re looking for additional feats at high levels, you could potentially go for things like Metamagic:extend to take advantage of the aeons swift action spells that are mostly round per level. This is assuming that you can use Metamagic on them now though.

Full list here if you haven’t looked at them:

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Kukri requires martial weapon profiency, so you would need another feat.
Short sword should be fine.

Almost all chars that use weapons use dazzling display and shatter defense.
You need another char to make enemies shaken (bard, frightful aspect spell (lv8, you do not get it) or high intimidation)

You also need combat reflexes. Don´t forget opportunist for another AoO.

Kitsune is probably a good race. +dex, +int and a bite attack.
Human is almost always a good choice.
Not sure why you want dhampir (negative energy needed for healing).

What mystic path do you want to have?

Maybe because the option to pick one is there? It is an RPG, after all.

It is always a bit disheartening to see when people care about numbers and perfect builds too much. Their “playthrough” begins and ends in the character creation screen.

I don’t mean this as an insult. Everyone plays in their own way. I just find the obsession with optimized builds to be very limiting.

These two tell me about your intention to stay in melee range, but your early AC is gonna be weak sauce. Planning to stay enlarged and pick up Archmage Armor later on?

I’m leaning Aeon for the RP factor, which is the same reason I consider dhampir, though I had admittedly forgotten about the negative energy healing. That’s enough of a headache to probably skip. Even normal difficulty in WotR and Kingmaker can be brutal without that sort of handicap.

I do indeed intend to go melee eventually, but probably not until I get to lvl 4 at the earliest. Blur + Mirror Image does wonders early on, while Blink helps a lot later. Archmage would be a neat bonus and the additional reach from Enlarge certainly helps.

I’ve been happy picking up Estoc on Wolj, though may be better just to stick to Daggers and Short Swords and maybe Rapiers if you’re not running Cam

Looks solid so far. Nenio can make you some very high DC scrolls as well if you go Greater Enduring and buffs in your book. Not sure how Soell Pen works with that but my Scoundrel turned into a full fledged caster late game in P:K so you can go that way as well.

I don’t find Scoundrel to be weak sauce in melee. It has literally all the tools. And in this game you get a lot more rests if you need to re-up.


At worst, spending one of my unassigned feats for Extend Metamagic helps a great deal with maintaining buffs without resting.

Are there so few decent rapiers that having 2 characters use them becomes a problem? Rogues don’t get Effortless Dual Wielding, so they want the offhand to be light and she doesn’t seem to be suited to dual wielding without extensive multiclassing.

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You want to cast reduce person, not enlarge.
You have high dex and dex to damage.
A little bit less base damage is OK when you increase your flat damage, AB and AC.

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Reduce Person gets you the equivalent of the Crane Splash all by itself on DEX-based.

The Estoc comes with Keen. Since Cam and Daeran can both use Rapier probably best to use Dagger and Short Sword since it’s Martial so others can’t use it.

echolocation only gives you blightsence, so it’s good to counter invis and concealment. Useless against gaze attacks and abilities. Tested in km

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I think it was Tremorsense that was working against Gaze.

It works as echolocation, sadly. Only blindsight in package. My kinetic knight with it was still affected by gazes. So I used freedom of movement to ignor holy wild hunt gazes)

For Woljiff I liked in beta to use daggers and estocs, fo flavor and fun of it firstly. But it was non the less usefull, even without finesse training at 11st level.

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