Dwarven Fortress - Cog wheel rings

Okay, I’ve explored the entire map and I’ve found 2 of the 3 cog wheel rings, the Copper and Golden. Can anyone point me to the missing one?

[SPOILER]I don’t remember getting those rings in the fortress. I thought i collected them all on the map with the huge dwarven statue on it that you insert them into. Or maybe that was where i got the third of them.

There is a location on the SW corner of the map you need to hold TAB to see the clickable option to pass through.[/SPOILER]

That’s the place, where the statue of Torag is. I thought it was labeled Dwarven Fortress on the map. Anyway, thanks for the help. I’ll give that a try.

Okay the map is called Ruined Watchtower and I’ve been all along the area you indicated in the spoiler, so maybe I already found that one. I’ll check around the other areas. Can you verify that all 3 are found on the map?

All 3 are on that map. [spoiler]1 on corpse 1 from saving ppl on ledge and one from chest in the tower where the spiders are.[/spoiler]

Okay, found it. It was in the area you indicated, just not where I looked :D. Thanks!

I’ve got all three … but where do you use these puppies? I’m clearly missing something…

You use them on the base of the statue of Torag.

I’m playing on PS4 and can’t find the white cog. I’m by the corpses SW of the map and they don’t have it! I looted everything on them and now I can’t even Interact. I think the top one of the three corpses I could never Interact with.