Dual Class Character (Help)

Playing on PS4 - I made an inquisitor and at 2nd Level I wanted to give him a level in fighter, but it defaults to making him a two-hand fighter (which I don’t want). I can’t choose what type of fighter. Is this just an error or by design?

I also tried to give him a level in ranger but again I’m forced to be a Storm whatever instead of base ranger. Again is this by design?

For I play on PC, I can’t be sure, but if you select the class (basic), there is a dropdown to show all the subclasses. If you select a subclass, you have to first uncheck the subclass to get back to the base class.
You just click the base class again.
Maybe some sort of “controller” thing to complicate it? how do you select a class on PS4?


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Same way Chris, but it doesn’t give me the option. I have one level in Inquisitor and when I level up I select Fighter and it never gives me the opportunity to select what kind it just goes to Two Hand Fighter. Same with the Ranger. It skips the screen where you would select the type.

So looking at each Class;

Alchemist - Works
Wizard - Defaults to Scroll Savant
Sorcerer - Defaults to Sage Sorcerer
Slayer - Defaults to Spawn Slayer
Rogue - Defaults to Thug
Monk - Defaults to Traditional Monk
Magus - Defaults to Eldritch Archer
Ranger - Defaults to Stormwalker
Fighter - Defaults to Two Hand Fighter
Druid - Works
Cleric - Works
Bard - Works
Kineticist - Defaults to Kinetic Knight

I don’t get it. I can’t see what restriction would forbid me from putting a level in regular fighter but I can be a Two Hand fighter

The console version is still very very bugged, and thx to WotR it had no updates for over… a year?

Just to be sure: Are we talking KM or WotR?
Because everything you just mentioned is the lowest given option (in KM).
So I assume, that something is wonky with the second menu where to pick your “specialisation”.
Can you navigate the subclasses in Druid/Bard and it is stuck with fighter → Bug
You can’t navigate at all → bug/controller issue (since someone should have tried that one sooner in KM, so it should have worked)


P.S.: There is no rule in Pathfindersystem preventing you from taking a level in fighter I know of.